Melangit River

The Challenging Place For Rafting To Pump Your Adrenaline

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Melangit River is one of the destination in Bali that is used for river rafting activity. It is located on Bakas Village in Klungkung Regency, and it’s about 2 hours from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Doing the river rafting in the Melangit River is more challenging and pumping your adrenaline because of the length of the river and the rapids of the river. Continue reading


Atuh Beach

The Hidden Gem in Nusa Penida

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Nusa Penida island is a part of Bali and also the neighbor of Nusa Lembongan island. Nusa Penida offers stunning nature landscape that will amaze everyone that go to this island. In Nusa Penida, there’s a beach that I think it’s the hidden gem of this island that called as Atuh Beach. Atuh Beach offers stunning landscape of the crystal clear ocean, and cliffs that surrounding this beach. Continue reading

Little Talks Ubud

The Interesting Library and Café in Ubud

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Ubud is now a favorite destination that should be visited by the tourists when they spend their holiday in Bali. Ubud have a lot of interesting things such as beautiful natures, unique cultures, and some unique cafes or restaurants that offers delicious food and nice ambiance. Talking about unique cafes with delicious foods and nice ambiance, there’s a nice library café in Ubud called Little Talks Ubud with the beautiful view of the Campuhan River. Continue reading

The Pirates Bay Bali

The Unique Pirate Themed Place in Nusa Dua

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The Pirates Bay Bali that located in the peninsula area of Nusa Dua is an unique and amazing open-air pirates themed restaurant and playground. It is a suitable place for the family that seeking for something different and fun for the dining experience. The Pirates Bay Bali includes with a replica of a pirate ship, a lookout tower, and numerous tree houses. Continue reading

Penglipuran Village

Balinese Traditional Village Which Is Untouchable By The Modern Era

Are you curious and want to see how the Traditional Village in Bali before the influence of the modern era? If you are curious and want to see it in person, you should come to Penglipuran Village where this village is a Traditional Village in Bali that is still traditional and untouched by the modern era. Penglipuran Village has also been named as one of the cleanest village in the World. Continue reading

Taman Ayun Temple

The Mengwi Royal Temple

If you want to see a historical buildings with interesting architecture in Bali, Taman Ayun Temple is one of the beautiful places to visit on your vacation in Bali. Taman Ayun Temple or Mengwi Royal Temple look like drift on the water because it surrounded by the Big fish pond. All visitors who come and visit this temple welcomed by a wide beautiful landscape garden in the front courtyard. Continue reading