Macan Island – The Beautiful Island Near The Capital


Indonesia with all the uniqueness that exists such as endless provide charm and attractive appeal and exoticism of each and every charm that makes us not understand one of them is the Macan Island is an island located in the Thousand Islands in the Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia.

The charm of the Thousand Islands is indeed never ending, several islands such as Tidung Island, Semak Daun Island, Pari Island, Harapan Island, Bira Island and many other islands that provide beautiful views for tourists who come to visit the Thousand Islands.

One of the islands that is quite popular with tourists and is included in the Thousand Islands is Macan Island. Macan Island has natural beauty that is not less interesting than the other islands in the Thousand Islands. Arriving at Macan Island, tourists will be welcomed by graded blue sea water and a stretch of white sand stretching along the coast. Visiting the attractions of Macan Island, not only to enjoy the beauty of the beach, but can also do other activities.

The following will explain interesting things that can be done in the Macan Island tourist attraction.

a| Feel on private island


Macan Island tourist area is actually not too broad so it is suitable if used for relaxing or just relaxing. Although initially managed by a private group, but the island is also opened to the public as one of the interesting attractions in the Thousand Islands. In one day, visitors to this island are not too many because it is limited to only 40 visitors in one day so it is suitable for calming down. For you who want to feel on a private island this place is suitable for you.

b| Coral Planting

Coral planting is planting coral on the seabed to preserve the diversity of marine life and replacing damaged corals. With the eco ressort concept you can also do coral planting activities around the island to preserve the beauty of the underwater, now while on vacation you can also preserve and preserve nature.

c| Snorkling & Canoeing


The underwater view of Macan Island tourist attraction is very beautiful and there has been no damage to various coral reefs. To enjoy the beauty of the underwater scenery, tourists can do snorkeling activities. Clear sea water will make the underwater scenery more clearly visible. To snorkel, tourists do not need to bring their own equipment because all snorkeling equipment has been provided by the manager of the island for free. and you can  play a canoe tourists visiting the Macan Island attraction can also play canoeing with family or friends. Tourists are free to paddle canoes to the small islands around or just just playing with the waves on the coast of Macan Island.

d| Sunset hunter

One of the interesting events that must be witnessed at the beach attraction at sunset in the afternoon. Reddish sunlight reflected off the beach will be a beautiful and soothing scene. Well so on this Macan Island a very charming color combination accompanied by the squeaking sand and waves that mutually add to each other add to the romantic and soothing impression, the afternoon scenery will feels magical .

e| Freely walk around the island on foot & Sunbathing

Attractions Macan Island classified as a small island so that tourists can freely walk around the island on foot. This island is an uninhabited island and does not have many roads so it will make it easier for tourists to trekking without fear of getting lost and also you can sunbathing , Macan Island attractions have calm waves. During the day the sea water is still receding so it is suitable for sunbathing along the beach while playing clear sea water. However, if sea water starts to tide you should immediately move so that it is not dangerous.

Well that’s some interesting things that can be enjoyed on an island not far from the capital, let’s book the place and enjoy directly the beauty of the island whose name is spooky but the island is far from spooky words.

The Mystical Nuances of The World Toraja Land


Toraja is an area in Indonesia. Toraja or also known as Tana Toraja is one of the regencies in South Sulawesi Province. Local wisdom that is still strong makes the Toraja tribe still has unique characteristics. mystical nuance that is undeniable has become one of the attractions of Toraja tourism. In addition, historical sites such as burials on rock cliffs, hundreds of years old traditional houses, megalithic relics such as simbuang stones, which to this day are still preserved and maintained in the tradition of the Toraja people. A tribute to grandchildren for the grandeur of ancestral civilization. This makes many tourists who want to visit Tana Toraja. Tana Toraja itself is on the island of Sulawesi, more precisely South Sulawesi, the district of Tana Toraja.

Tana Toraja is famous for its people who have fairly strict beliefs, rules and traditional rituals. According to a myth that has been told for generations, the original ancestors of the Toraja people are believed to have come from heaven and descended directly to earth using stairs. This ladder then functions as a communication medium between the ancestors and Puang Matua (God in the beliefs of the Toraja people).

A cluster of tongkonan, traditional boat houses of the people of Tana Toraja in Sulawesi, Indonesia.


Well, curious about the exoticism of culture, customs, and traditions in Tana Toraja which has worldwide? The following will be reviewed tourist destinations in Tana Toraja that will make you love Indonesia more. Listen, yes!

a. Different kinds of Grave

Hanging Grave


Baby’s grave inside the tree

“Liang” Grave in Lo’ko Mata

Maybe you are one of the readers who are surprised, why some of the attractions in Toraja actually offer tourist attractions that seem a little scary, instead of showing off the beauty of nature. However, that’s the way it is and in fact, this unique grave in Toraja has become a special attraction for foreign and local tourists. The graves in Toraja are various, there are hanging graves, stone graves, cave graves, and tree graves. Each grave is quite unique because each grave has its own story. For example, like a baby who died and has not yet grown teeth, it will be buried in the Tarra Tree with the intention that the baby can drink the sap of the tree instead of breast milk.

b. Tongkongan Traditional House


Not infrequently we hear when fellow Toraja ask from which Tongkonan? yaa Tongkonan is the root of the family tree of the Toraja people. It would be sad if the young generation of Toraja forgot or pretended to forget the origin of their family’s ancestors.

This traditional architectural art, according to the oral tradition of the Toraja people, believes that the form was motivated by the arrival of the ancestors of the Toraja by boat. The shape of the boat is the inspiration for making the Tongkonan house, so the shape of the roof rises forwards and backwards. This boat-shaped traditional house is also commonly called Lembang (still remember the lyrics of the song Toraja; “garagan ki ‘Lembang Sura’, lopi on maya-maya”)

This typical Toraja traditional house, in addition to functioning as a residence, also has a function and role and meaning that is very important and of high value in the life of the Toraja people. Tongkonan, the building with a boat-shaped roof is considered a heritage and inheritance of property from the person who first built the Tongkonan.

Tongkonan is the center of Toraja social life. The ritual associated with this traditional house is very important in the spiritual life of the Toraja people. The word Tongkonan is derived from the word “Tongkon” (sit_collect) meaning that the Tongkonan house is occupied to sit listening and a place to discuss and resolve all important problems of community members and their offspring.

c.”Ma’Nene” corpse change ceremony


In Toraja there is a ritual or habit in the funeral procession that is quite unique and may seem scary. A corpse that has been buried for years on a high cliff, a stone tomb, or a patani grave will be ransacked by changing all the clothes and dressed like a living person. At this time the ma’nene program that we can see in toraja is no longer a dead body as it did in the past but now it is only limited to changing the body clothes / mummies and then moving the corpse like a person walking.

d. Rambu Solo


Signs solo is a ceremony that aims to honor and deliver the spirits of someone who has died to the spirit realm – local people call it puya.

There is a difference in the solo sign ceremony held by various Toraja tribal communities. However, the main purpose of holding this ceremony remains the same. This time, the solok sign ceremony was held by one of the Toraja tribal community named Kete Kesu. Kete Kesu occupies Kampung Bonoran, Tikunna Malening Village, North Toraja, about 14 km from Rantepao City.

Only by paying IDR 5,000 for local tourists and IDR 10,000 for foreign tourists, visitors can enter and see cultural heritage in the Kete Kesu traditional area. Entering the Kete Kesu area, visitors will be greeted by a vast expanse of rice fields, complete with several buffaloes that are being pastored. For the Toraja people, buffalo is an animal that is considered sacred. This animal is believed to accompany the spirits of those who have died. The more the number of buffalo used in the solo sign ceremony, there is a belief that the spirit will be faster to the spirit realm.

e. Toraja woven fabric


Toraja Woven Fabric is one of the heritage that is still preserved until today. Toraja woven fabric has a very high position in the culture of the Toraja people. Woven cloth plays an important role in various traditional ceremonies, also using symbols of prosperity and glory. In the past, only certain people were able to own the cloth, including the aristocracy or capable economic community.

f. Toraja’s coffee


Starting from the hands of farmers in the mountains of Toraja, to spread all over the world, Toraja coffee has left traces of the scent of pride for this country. Enjoying Toraja coffee in its original place after exploring the beautiful, beautiful Toraja nature will certainly be the desire of coffee connoisseurs.

Imagine drinking Toraja coffee in the yard of Tongkonan in the afternoon, looking at the green hills and the expanse of yellowing rice fields, small children who are still playing, farmers returning home, buffaloes and pigs that start noisy in cages, singing birds – birds chime together bamboo groves, aah … let the imagination loose without bound to the fairyland. Or rather pieces of heaven in the heart of Sulawesi.

Toraja coffee is a type of Arabica coffee that has its own characteristics, try to enjoy it without using sugar or sweeteners, we will feel the savory taste that is rarely found in local coffees in other regions. This savory taste is one of the main characteristics of Toraja coffee which makes people addicted to enjoying this coffee.

Toraja coffee is a commodity to be reckoned with, Japan and America are the main importers of this coffee. Even in Japan, the Toraja coffee trademark has been patented by Key Coffee. In some cafes in the world have their own class at a price that is certainly not cheap. Unfortunately, this classy price is not directly proportional to the welfare of coffee farmers in their original place.

Each region has a different beauty and a variety of uniqueness, one of which is the land of Toraja, come and see for yourself how unique this Toraja land.

Have You Ever Heard of The Pink Beach??-LOMBOK


Lombok Island is one of the islands in Indonesia which is famous for its beach tourism, one of the famous beaches in Lombok is Pink Beach. Actually this beach is not a new beach in Lombok, this beach used to be named Tangsi Beach. However, because the beach sand is more Pink, the name was changed to Pink Beach. Pink Beach is located in Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok Regency, and actually Pink Beach is included in the Tanjung Ringgit Beach area. However, due to its location is somewhat “hidden” and the path there is also difficult, ultimately not exposed by tourists. Pink Beach is the second beach in Indonesia that has Pink sand, and the other one is on Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara. The secret of this sand beach can be pink is because of the sponge, or porifera animals that live around this beach. Fractions of these animals which then mix with fine sand and make beach sand pink. If you take a handful of beach sand, you will see pink sand grains in between white sand.

a. Interesting attractions to do


there are some activities that can be done on this beautiful beach like playing sand, sand play activities will be very interesting to do at Pink Beach Lombok because the sand is pink which makes playing sand more enjoyable, swimming of course when you visit each beach Swimming activity is a must do but when you are at Pink Beach Lombok your swimming activities are more exciting because the water on this pink beach is clear and clean, snorkeling
This activity is certainly a favorite activity for tourists because in the Pink Beach Sea of ​​Lombok it is easy to find various kinds of beauty of coral reefs and cute fishes that will come to you when snorkeling, selfies and photo hunting
Pink Beach in Lombok whose nature is still very natural and beautiful makes the best place to capture your beautiful moments with loved ones. There are many beautiful spots for Image Hunting for landscape photographers, Hooping Island
For tourists who are reluctant to swim, snorkeling or activities in Hooping Island water is the best choice because when you travel you just have to sit on a boat and visit some of the beautiful spots on Pink Beach Lombok and finally fish grilled
sea. Pink Lombok Beach which is rich in marine products and around Pink Lombok Beach there are many places for fish farming such as groupers, lobsters etc. The Boatmen will provide a grilled fish place that will make your vacation very enjoyable.

b. Pink Lombok Beach Inn

  • Jeeva Beloam Beach camp


Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp is a magnificent hotel located very close to Pink Beach Lombok. The location is only about 2 km from Lombok Pink Beach, precisely on Jl. Beloam Beach, Tanjung Ringgit, Sekaroh, Jerowaru, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. Travel time from the location of this hotel to Pink Beach is around 13 minutes using a private vehicle. This is certainly very suitable for tourists who really want to enjoy the beauty of Pink Beach throughout the holiday period

  • Telone Sunset Bungalows

Telone Sunset Bungalows is a lodging provider located in Telone Hamlet, Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok Regency. The location is very close to East Lombok’s Tangsi Beach. The distance between this inn and the Pink Beach about 13 km with a distance of about 50 minutes using a private vehicle. Telone Sunset Bungalows provides accommodation in a unique form of stay namely bungalows. The tourists who were present could choose an apartment room according to their wishes.

  • Ekas Sunrise


Ekas Sunrise is the name of an inn which is about 19 km from Pink Beach Lombok, precisely on Jalan Pantai Heaven, Pemongkong Jerowaru Village, Ekas, Indonesia. Lodging that takes the theme of this resort offers several facilities that are also quite complete. There is an outdoor swimming pool, sun terrace, garden for picnics and relaxing and so on. Everything can be utilized by tourists who are staying at this resort for free.

c. How To Access Towards Pink Beach Lombok


To save a budget you can rent a motorbike from the city of Mataram the estimated time needed is ± 2 hours with a distance of about ± 85 km. For additional information that ± 5 km before arriving at Pink Beach, your friends will face road conditions that are potholes and at some points unpaved, we suggest you to be careful especially when it rains.

For those of you who want to travel not too far away and relatively more comfortable. We suggest going to Pink Beach Lombok (Tangsi Beach) via the Port of Tanjung Luar with a distance of ± 66 km from the city of Mataram and an estimated time of about 1.5 hours on the journey by car. Using a car is certainly much more convenient, rather than using a motorbike. We need to inform you that there is no public transportation to this tourist location (East Lombok Lombok Beach).After arriving at Tanjung Luar Harbor, we must rent a boat provided by the local community specifically for tourists who want to visit Pink Beach. If you choose via the Tanjung Luar route, we suggest leaving around 8 o’clock from the city of Mataram.

So what are you waiting for? Come visit the amazing pink sand and a good place to add cool photos on your social media and bask in the sun with dazzling pink sand grains.



Why You Should Come to Sumur Tiga Beach-SABANG

The island of heaven is stranded in the middle of a vast beautiful ocean


For those of you who want to vacation abroad or want to honeymoon in Hawaii enjoy the vast blue sea and attractive white sand. You do not need to reach into your pocket just to enjoy the beauty of Hawaii, in Indonesia there are still lists of beaches that you have not visited. Especially Aceh. If you are touring Aceh and see the history of Aceh’s tourist attractions, stop for a few days in Sabang, Weh Island. The island of heaven is stranded in the middle of a vast beautiful ocean.

Weh Island presents the extent of the blue sea as far as the eye can see, the breeze blows gentle, palm waving along the footprint. On the day of the day the rocks at the edge of the sea sparkled with an exotic color when the sun exposed its light. That is a glimpse of Sumur Tiga Beach which is one of the tourist spots in Aceh that will forget for a moment your world affairs. There is Paradise on Pulau Weh, so said tourists who come to visit Sabang Tourism.

Anything that will captivate you. This is it

1.  Watching Sunrise 


The beach that faces directly into the Indian Ocean, presents a typical panorama of tropical countries. Palm trees extending flank along the shoreline. Waving from a height, with the sun peeking out from behind the trees. Its rays fell refracted on the surface of the water. Making the Sumur Tiga Beach crystal clear bathed in the morning sunlight. On the other side there is a rock standing proudly.

Even though it was licked by the Indian Ocean, the waves that rolled in Sumur Tiga Beach were fairly calm, this is one that captivates and can calm the mind from the hustle and bustle of a very busy city.

2. Relax for a while enjoying the white sand


The sand at Sumur Tiga Beach is whiter whiter like crystal and soft even though the water is slightly choppy. Panorama of the beach stretches the blue sea combined with a breeze that moves the palm on the beach. This beach has soft white sand, this makes the beach visitors walk without a base to enjoy the soft and cold sand on the beach. In addition you can also enjoy lying in soft sand in the morning, or who want to sunbathe can do it in the hot sun. In addition, a clear beach with turquoise sea water is a sight that is very soothing to the soul. Coconut trees exhaled by the sea breeze will surely lull you when lying on the sand beach or sitting in the grass and under the coconut trees.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the white sand beach in the morning, slowly the sunlight began to emerge and broke into the expanse of sand and blue sea, as if to give a surprise welcome to those who looked at it, the sea looks glazed and the beach atmosphere is red so as to create an atmosphere which is romantic for tourists. The roaring waves like a classical musical from the Spanish Violin add to the harmony of you and your partner.

3. This beach has a freshwater well


Usually the coast has brackish water. But not with this beach in Sabang, it has a freshwater well. The name of this beach is Sumur Tiga. This is its uniqueness, on this beach there are 3 wells that produce fresh water. Wow!

In fact, usually the area around the coast will have brackish water as a facility. You can try your own water from these wells. These wells are used as a source of water used for purposes around the coast. How to take the water is still traditional, using buckets and ropes.

4. You can surfing and snorkling in here too



The two-kilometer-long coastline with fine crystal sand-like white sand forms an ideal spot for sunbathing. We can also invite children to play on the beach while enjoying the breeze, and the expanse of ocean that is blue, as if becoming the most beautiful marine scenery.

Not satisfied until there, we can also enjoy the underwater scenery by snorkeling. Relax, we can rent snorkeling equipment around the beach. The expanse of coral reefs and small fish seemed to welcome us while snorkeling in the waters of Sumur Tiga Beach. Underwater scenery on the beach is also still very awake, despite the Tsunami disaster that hit this region.

The sizeable Sumur Tiga Beach waves are often used for surfing. Even so, we still have to follow the rules if you want to play on this beach. One of them is if you want to swim, snorkel or surf, you are expected to use a closed and polite swim suit, according to the regulations in Aceh. For those of you who want to do water activities, you can play Surfing in the afternoon with big waves and play Snorckling in the afternoon with calm waves while enjoying the natural beauty of the underwater and also the three wells beach presents a romantic phenomenon for young couples.

5. Japanese fortress relics



Sumur Tiga Beach is famous for its strong waves and strong winds with unlimited ocean views. The position of the beach directly facing the Malacca Strait is one of the causes of the large waves here. Bluing the sea is very beautiful, indicating the sea is still clean and deep. Only 5 km away from downtown Sabang. Because it is a beach tour, many resorts, hotels and restaurants around. Seeing the position of the fort, mamang is very strategic to monitor the arrival of enemies from the offshore. This beach is also directly facing the Malacca Strait. The condition is reportedly this place is the first place Japanese troops anchored in Sabang. And make it a Japanese stronghold at that time. In addition to seeing the beach we also see the fortress and can be used as photo spots that are instagramable.

Take a moment of your time to explore further the tourist sites of Indonesia that we have, especially Aceh Tourism, Pulau Weh which is still a part of Indonesia that we should be proud of the beauty of Nature hiding in remote places. Interested to try it?

Bukit Lawang Medan|| The Sumatran Orangutan Kingdom

Want to see first hand the habitat of orangutans. Here it is

sumateran orangutan

Bukit Lawang is a natural tourist spot that is already very well known in North Sumatra besides Lake Toba. Here you can see Orangutans, Elephants and crystal clear river as a very suitable place for a vacation with family. Bukit Lawang is located in Bahorok sub-district, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra Province which is also in the protected forest area of ​​Gunung Leuser National Park. The Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo abelii) is one of the two Orangutan species in Indonesia and can only be found on the island of Sumatra that you can see here. No wonder so many local and foreign tourists who make Bukit Lawang as a superior destination to visit. Previously the location of Bukit Lawang was a rehabilitation and captivity of orangutans. Orangutans obtained by the Gunung Leuser National Park Agency (BTNGL) and the Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA) and other partnerships such as OIC, YLL and various NGOs. They train Orangutans and release them in the natural habitat around the Bukit Lawang. The view is natural green because it is the door of the Gunung Leuser National Park, in accordance with its name “Bukit Lawang” which means “Bukit Pintu”

This place is also a doorway for the Gunung Leuser National Park forest so it is not surprising if you will be served by the view of the green and clear river. Bukit Lawang with more than two million hectares outside is also home to a variety of flora and fauna. In addition to various flora that makes a beautiful view on the Bukit Lawang Medan, a place located about 120 KM from the center of Medan

Bukit Lawang Bahorok is also known as a home for thousands of endangered species that you will not see around you such as the Orang Utan which is the main attraction of this place .In addition, this beautiful orangutan also has other rare wildlife such as elephants, rhinos, wild boars, tigers, birds, monkeys and endangered animals. Because it is a place for Orangutan conservation, more than thousands of tourists both local and foreign come to this place every year.


For you lovers of outdoor activities, this place can fulfill your passion for adventure. Here, many choices of challenging activities are guaranteed to play your adrenaline. Following the review.

a. Feed the Orangutan

Feeding station

Every 08.30 and 15.00, the area guard will provide orangutan food at the feeding station.
Feeding orangutans directly and in their natural habitat, this is certainly one of the triggers for your adrenaline and since orangutans are one of the rare protected animals. Here you not only just see directly you can also feed the animal, of course, accompanied by a tour guide there because there are several conditions that must be met and these orangutans should not be given any food carelessly other than the food that has been provided by the officer.



b. See animals

Sumatran primitive kedih monkey

Like a national park, Bukit Lawang is also a habitat for a variety of wild animals. When you are exhausted trekking through the forest, don’t be surprised if you see lots of animals. For example, Orangutans, Sumatran Tigers and even Sumatran Rhinos.

In addition, you can also see the original form of the Sun Bear which apparently likes to eat fruit, not honey. To be safe, you must keep a distance from the wild animals, don’t be too close. Because in principle, if they do not feel disturbed, they will be calm and even tend to be indifferent to our presence.

c. Tubing


Here it is, the adrenaline-boosting activity that can’t be passed while visiting Bukit Lawang. To be able to feel the swift flow of the Bahorok River using tires (tubing) you only need to pay Rp.50,000-Rp 75,000. This is all according to agreement and depends on bidding skills.

To start crossing the rapids, you have to do trekking through the forest first and then throw yourself into the river. Do not be confused, if you are not given a life jacket because in fact the excitement of tubing in Bukit Lawang is precisely there: bobbing on the rapids of the Bahorok River without using a float at all.

Feels insecure, that’s how it is, but it actually makes adrenaline go up many times. The price could changes every time.

d. Caving


In the Bukit Lawang area there is a cave containing thousands of bats so it is named Goa Bat. The distance between Goa Kelelawar and Bukit Lawang entrance is a 15-minute walk.

In it, you can see the phenomenon of the cave ceiling that looks hairy which is actually a bunch of bats that are busy sleeping. In addition to bats, you can also see the interior beauty of the cave which is equipped with stalagnite ornament, who knows how many years old because it looks very big.

e. Enjoying waterfall


Wet in the Bahorok River when tubing is complete by bathing in a waterfall!

Here, there is a waterfall that you can reach without the trouble of trekking first. Not bad, in addition to the appearance of the waterfall that is really handsome and suitable as a background in front of the camera, the water from this waterfall also feels really cool. The current is also quite calm so you can swim leisurely while relaxing yourself after the beatings of fun on the rapids of the Bahorok River.

f . Trakking

Traking Track

Trekking is a mandatory activity that you must do when visiting Bukit Lawang. The reason, Bukit Lawang which is part of the Gunung Leuser National Park has a relatively hilly land contour. So, your trekking won’t be flat and full of challenges.

In addition, soil conditions in this region also tend to be wet and muddy like soil types in tropical rain forest areas. Guaranteed adventure in splitting the forest so exciting because there is a dirty-dirt event hit by mud. Plus, the vegetation in this area is also high and big which makes the atmosphere feel very jungle. If you’re lucky, you can also see the dead flower that is blooming.

Transportation to Bukit Lawang

Als bus

To get to this location, you can take the ALS or Damri Bus from Kuala Namu Airport heading to Kuala Namu Airport – Binjai, or from Medan to the Pinang Baris bus terminal, followed by taking a bus or chartered car at the Pinang Baris intersection. Estimated cost around Rp. 50,000 – 100,000 / person, Pinang Baris-Bukit Lawang. You will be greeted by the roar of the river water and find a row of stalls, souvenir stalls and restaurants before the crossing bridge.


well for those of you who like to play in the forest and trekking in the forest, this place is really a recommendation for you and also for lovers of rare animals here, enter this place into a list of places that you will visit.

Lake Batur | Favorite Landscape for Photographers

View Lake Batur

Another alternative after being satisfied to enjoy the nature of the beach in Bali is to go to the mountains, especially like Kintamani which also has a lake that offers interesting scenery. No stranger to our ears Lake Batur is able to hypnotize every visitor to be amazed. Lake Batur looks so beautiful in harmony with the presence of Mount Batur and the green hills that surround it, you can see this beauty more optimally when you are in the village of Penelokan on the edge of the mountain Batur caldera, for this reason Penelokan village or better known as Kintamani tourist attraction is an option the most popular tour destination in Bali. Lake Batur is one of the interesting spots for photographers because of the beautiful landscape, plus folklore that enriches the charm of Lake Batur.

This lake is also an active caldera lake. Therefore, the color of the water in the lake is constantly changing. This is due to the presence of the contents of the attack. And this is what causes the panorama of Lake Batur to be very beautiful and much admired by tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists.

UNESCO also recognizes the natural beauty of Lake Batur. They also have set Lake Batur as a Global Geopark Network area. In addition, this place will also provide satisfaction for travelers who like photography. And the most champion is when hunting photos of the sunset or sunrise. It’s really beautiful, it’s a loss if you can’t get a photo of the sunset and rising scenery on Lake Batur.

Enjoy the beauty of Lake Batur

Sunrise Lake Batur

Lake Batur Kintamani, the traveler will be presented with a view of this 16 square kilometer lake. This lake was originally created from the impact of the eruption of Mount Batur that occurred thousands of years ago. Lake Batur is also known as the largest lake on the island of Bali. In addition to having a depth of up to 65 meters, this lake If photographed from the air via a drone, it will appear that this lake has a crescent-like shape. Lake Batur besides being the largest lake in Bali, it also presents stunning natural scenery, for those of you who like photography, Lake Batur can be an ideal destination, even the mountain slopes filled with mountain rocks, look beautiful and attractive, often used as pre-wedding photo taking places .

A suitable place to calm down

Fishing in Lake Batur

The calm waters of the lake and greenish-green colors make tourists who stand on the edge of the lake feel calm and peaceful. No wonder so many tourists feel at home in this place and they choose to linger over enjoying the existing panoramic offerings.

In addition to seeing the million charms of the lake, tourists who come to this tourist attraction in Bali also have the opportunity to sail to the middle of the lake using a boat provided by the tour manager. Like the thing on Beratan Bedugul Lake, tourists who visit this tour besides being able to sail can also fish and fishing equipment is already available there. Small boat rental services and relatively cheap fishing equipment rental services.

View Lake Batur

Entrance to Lake Batur Kintamani 

If you want to visit this place just to spoil your eyes, then you only need to pay the entrance ticket without paying other fees. But if you want more facilities or vehicles, then you have to incur additional costs.

Entrance ticket: Rp. 15,000 / person

When you are in Bali and want to visit this place but there are no vehicles, don’t worry, many car rentals are ready to help you. Here is the average rental price of vehicles in Bali;

Price Subject

Car Rental Rp. 500,000 / day
Motorbike Rental Rp. 50,000 / day
Rent a Boat on the Lake Rp. 500,000 / Max Capacity 10 people
If you don’t want to be complicated, you can use Travel services, the price is very affordable for domestic tourists.

Note: Prices above can change at any time .

Sukawati Art Market

The Place Where You Can Buy Balinese Souvenirs With Cheap Price

sukawati art market, bali, information, place of interest

Sukawati Art Market is located on the Sukawati Village in Gianyar Regency and it’s about 1 hour driving from Ngurah Rai International Airport. This place is one of the famous art market in Bali where you can find various kind of Balinese souvenirs with cheap price. Continue reading

Toya Devasya – Natural Hot Spring in Bali

Soaking in Natural Hot Spring To Revitalize Your Body and Rejuvenate your Soul

toya devasya, natural hot spring, bali, information, place of interest

Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring

Toya Devasya is one of the famous natural hot spring in Bali that located on the Kintamani Area. From Kuta area to Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring, it takes about 2.5 hours driving. It takes times to reach the Hot Spring because of the winding road and you have to be careful. But along the way, your eyes will be pampered with the beautiful view of Batur Lake and Batur Mountain. Continue reading

Famous Bali Swing at Zen Hideaway

Swing On The Top of The Hill To Test Your Adrenaline

zen hideaway, bali swing, place of interest, information, bali, tourist activities,

Bali Swing at Zen Hideaway is the new attraction in Bali that located on the Bongkasa Village and it is about 20 minutes from the center of Ubud. This activity is suitable for the peoples who like to test their adrenaline because they will swing from the top of the hill. It will be an unforgettable and thrilling experience for the peoples that try it. Continue reading