Balinese Animal Ceremony

Hay Traveler! Hope you have a nice day. Well great day to tell about Bali and their unique culture. Bali Island? Who doesn’t know The Island of thousand temples and the Island of God? Bali Island is one of favorite tourist destination in the world. Bali has the beautiful scenery nature and panorama, the unique tradition and culture. Most tourist come to Bali to spend their holiday in beaches. Well, today I would like to inform to you one of the ceremony held in Bali Island to keep the balance between us and the environment and the other life in this world. Here is it! Continue reading


Significance Behind Beautiful Frangipani Flower

In Bali, the people really appreciate flowers as nature entity that has a specific strength. Such a Frangipani Flower, in every Hindus ritual ceremony in Bali, they are always use Frangipani Flower. Not only in Ngaben Ceremony but Frangipani Flowers also really sacred as a communication means in every chances of Bali daily life. Continue reading

Ngayah Activity

Ngayah – The Sincerity and Selflessly in Balinese Mutual Cooperation

As we know Bali is the best tourist destination in the world which offers interesting culture and unique Balinese daily life. Tradition or culture can’t spread from Balinese people daily life like dance, subak irrigation system and many more. Balinese people have one unique tradition, it called by Ngayah. Continue reading

Balinese Clearing Bad Energy Ceremony

The small island of Indonesia Bali, have many kinds of culture inside. Every place that you have to know in Bali have their different culture and different tradition. This is one tradition for you to know. The location of this tradition is in Munggu village at Badung Regency. This village could be access by motorcycle and car, you just need 1 hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport to get this village. Continue reading

Balinese Meong – Meong

Playing Balinese “Tom & Jerry” Traditional Game

Yesterday, I went to my home in Bongkasa Village. Arrived at home, I rounded my village and I stopped my motorcycle in field. I saw children, they looked so happy because they played many traditional games and didn’t play with gadget. One of the traditional games is Meong –meong. Continue reading

Balinese Penjor

The symbol of the mountain that provides safety and welfare

Every Hindus in Bali commonly make Penjor Galungan on Galungan Day. Penjor Galungan plugged on Tuesday / Anggara Wara / Wuku. Dungulan which known as Penampahan Galungan Day, and it has a meaning upholding of dharma. Penjor set on Lebuh on the right side of house entrance. If house overlook to north side, Penjor plugged on the east side of house entrance. Continue reading

Balinese Victory Day

Galungan is a sacred ceremony that gives a spiritual strength to be able to differentiate which life force from adharma and from budi atma which is a sound of the truth (dharma) in human’s soul. In addition to that, Galungan can give the ability to differentiate the giant tendency (asura sampad) and God tendency (dewa sampad). It should be realized that live happily or “ananda” is living with ability to master the giant tendency. Galungan also one of Hindus ceremony to remind the human as ritual and spiritual to always winning Dewi Sampad to uphold dharma against adharma. The conclusion of Galungan is a victory of dharma (goodness) against adharma (badness). Continue reading

Balinese Ngaben Equipment

Bade – The Artistic Place of Corpse In Ngaben Ceremony

Ngaben or the Balinese Cremation Ceremony is the ritual performed to send the dead through the transition to the next life. This is the unique ceremony and you see it only in Bali. Many equipments was used in this ceremony, one of them is Bade. Have you heard it before? Continue reading

5 Days Before Galungan

Sugian Jawa and Bali – Create Awareness of One’s Sacred Inner Power

Bali was dominated by Hindus People, and every ceremony in Bali has unique things and related by philosophy. Next week, Balinese People will celebrate the biggest holy day, Galungan Day. Galungan is a Balinese holiday celebrating the victory of dharma (good power) over adharma(bad power). Beside of that, Balinese people will celebrate Sugian. Continue reading