Why You Should Come to Sumur Tiga Beach-SABANG

The island of heaven is stranded in the middle of a vast beautiful ocean


For those of you who want to vacation abroad or want to honeymoon in Hawaii enjoy the vast blue sea and attractive white sand. You do not need to reach into your pocket just to enjoy the beauty of Hawaii, in Indonesia there are still lists of beaches that you have not visited. Especially Aceh. If you are touring Aceh and see the history of Aceh’s tourist attractions, stop for a few days in Sabang, Weh Island. The island of heaven is stranded in the middle of a vast beautiful ocean.

Weh Island presents the extent of the blue sea as far as the eye can see, the breeze blows gentle, palm waving along the footprint. On the day of the day the rocks at the edge of the sea sparkled with an exotic color when the sun exposed its light. That is a glimpse of Sumur Tiga Beach which is one of the tourist spots in Aceh that will forget for a moment your world affairs. There is Paradise on Pulau Weh, so said tourists who come to visit Sabang Tourism.

Anything that will captivate you. This is it

1.  Watching Sunrise 


The beach that faces directly into the Indian Ocean, presents a typical panorama of tropical countries. Palm trees extending flank along the shoreline. Waving from a height, with the sun peeking out from behind the trees. Its rays fell refracted on the surface of the water. Making the Sumur Tiga Beach crystal clear bathed in the morning sunlight. On the other side there is a rock standing proudly.

Even though it was licked by the Indian Ocean, the waves that rolled in Sumur Tiga Beach were fairly calm, this is one that captivates and can calm the mind from the hustle and bustle of a very busy city.

2. Relax for a while enjoying the white sand


The sand at Sumur Tiga Beach is whiter whiter like crystal and soft even though the water is slightly choppy. Panorama of the beach stretches the blue sea combined with a breeze that moves the palm on the beach. This beach has soft white sand, this makes the beach visitors walk without a base to enjoy the soft and cold sand on the beach. In addition you can also enjoy lying in soft sand in the morning, or who want to sunbathe can do it in the hot sun. In addition, a clear beach with turquoise sea water is a sight that is very soothing to the soul. Coconut trees exhaled by the sea breeze will surely lull you when lying on the sand beach or sitting in the grass and under the coconut trees.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the white sand beach in the morning, slowly the sunlight began to emerge and broke into the expanse of sand and blue sea, as if to give a surprise welcome to those who looked at it, the sea looks glazed and the beach atmosphere is red so as to create an atmosphere which is romantic for tourists. The roaring waves like a classical musical from the Spanish Violin add to the harmony of you and your partner.

3. This beach has a freshwater well


Usually the coast has brackish water. But not with this beach in Sabang, it has a freshwater well. The name of this beach is Sumur Tiga. This is its uniqueness, on this beach there are 3 wells that produce fresh water. Wow!

In fact, usually the area around the coast will have brackish water as a facility. You can try your own water from these wells. These wells are used as a source of water used for purposes around the coast. How to take the water is still traditional, using buckets and ropes.

4. You can surfing and snorkling in here too



The two-kilometer-long coastline with fine crystal sand-like white sand forms an ideal spot for sunbathing. We can also invite children to play on the beach while enjoying the breeze, and the expanse of ocean that is blue, as if becoming the most beautiful marine scenery.

Not satisfied until there, we can also enjoy the underwater scenery by snorkeling. Relax, we can rent snorkeling equipment around the beach. The expanse of coral reefs and small fish seemed to welcome us while snorkeling in the waters of Sumur Tiga Beach. Underwater scenery on the beach is also still very awake, despite the Tsunami disaster that hit this region.

The sizeable Sumur Tiga Beach waves are often used for surfing. Even so, we still have to follow the rules if you want to play on this beach. One of them is if you want to swim, snorkel or surf, you are expected to use a closed and polite swim suit, according to the regulations in Aceh. For those of you who want to do water activities, you can play Surfing in the afternoon with big waves and play Snorckling in the afternoon with calm waves while enjoying the natural beauty of the underwater and also the three wells beach presents a romantic phenomenon for young couples.

5. Japanese fortress relics



Sumur Tiga Beach is famous for its strong waves and strong winds with unlimited ocean views. The position of the beach directly facing the Malacca Strait is one of the causes of the large waves here. Bluing the sea is very beautiful, indicating the sea is still clean and deep. Only 5 km away from downtown Sabang. Because it is a beach tour, many resorts, hotels and restaurants around. Seeing the position of the fort, mamang is very strategic to monitor the arrival of enemies from the offshore. This beach is also directly facing the Malacca Strait. The condition is reportedly this place is the first place Japanese troops anchored in Sabang. And make it a Japanese stronghold at that time. In addition to seeing the beach we also see the fortress and can be used as photo spots that are instagramable.

Take a moment of your time to explore further the tourist sites of Indonesia that we have, especially Aceh Tourism, Pulau Weh which is still a part of Indonesia that we should be proud of the beauty of Nature hiding in remote places. Interested to try it?

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