Bukit Lawang Medan|| The Sumatran Orangutan Kingdom

Want to see first hand the habitat of orangutans. Here it is

sumateran orangutan

Bukit Lawang is a natural tourist spot that is already very well known in North Sumatra besides Lake Toba. Here you can see Orangutans, Elephants and crystal clear river as a very suitable place for a vacation with family. Bukit Lawang is located in Bahorok sub-district, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra Province which is also in the protected forest area of ​​Gunung Leuser National Park. The Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo abelii) is one of the two Orangutan species in Indonesia and can only be found on the island of Sumatra that you can see here. No wonder so many local and foreign tourists who make Bukit Lawang as a superior destination to visit. Previously the location of Bukit Lawang was a rehabilitation and captivity of orangutans. Orangutans obtained by the Gunung Leuser National Park Agency (BTNGL) and the Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA) and other partnerships such as OIC, YLL and various NGOs. They train Orangutans and release them in the natural habitat around the Bukit Lawang. The view is natural green because it is the door of the Gunung Leuser National Park, in accordance with its name “Bukit Lawang” which means “Bukit Pintu”

This place is also a doorway for the Gunung Leuser National Park forest so it is not surprising if you will be served by the view of the green and clear river. Bukit Lawang with more than two million hectares outside is also home to a variety of flora and fauna. In addition to various flora that makes a beautiful view on the Bukit Lawang Medan, a place located about 120 KM from the center of Medan

Bukit Lawang Bahorok is also known as a home for thousands of endangered species that you will not see around you such as the Orang Utan which is the main attraction of this place .In addition, this beautiful orangutan also has other rare wildlife such as elephants, rhinos, wild boars, tigers, birds, monkeys and endangered animals. Because it is a place for Orangutan conservation, more than thousands of tourists both local and foreign come to this place every year.


For you lovers of outdoor activities, this place can fulfill your passion for adventure. Here, many choices of challenging activities are guaranteed to play your adrenaline. Following the review.

a. Feed the Orangutan

Feeding station

Every 08.30 and 15.00, the area guard will provide orangutan food at the feeding station.
Feeding orangutans directly and in their natural habitat, this is certainly one of the triggers for your adrenaline and since orangutans are one of the rare protected animals. Here you not only just see directly you can also feed the animal, of course, accompanied by a tour guide there because there are several conditions that must be met and these orangutans should not be given any food carelessly other than the food that has been provided by the officer.



b. See animals

Sumatran primitive kedih monkey

Like a national park, Bukit Lawang is also a habitat for a variety of wild animals. When you are exhausted trekking through the forest, don’t be surprised if you see lots of animals. For example, Orangutans, Sumatran Tigers and even Sumatran Rhinos.

In addition, you can also see the original form of the Sun Bear which apparently likes to eat fruit, not honey. To be safe, you must keep a distance from the wild animals, don’t be too close. Because in principle, if they do not feel disturbed, they will be calm and even tend to be indifferent to our presence.

c. Tubing


Here it is, the adrenaline-boosting activity that can’t be passed while visiting Bukit Lawang. To be able to feel the swift flow of the Bahorok River using tires (tubing) you only need to pay Rp.50,000-Rp 75,000. This is all according to agreement and depends on bidding skills.

To start crossing the rapids, you have to do trekking through the forest first and then throw yourself into the river. Do not be confused, if you are not given a life jacket because in fact the excitement of tubing in Bukit Lawang is precisely there: bobbing on the rapids of the Bahorok River without using a float at all.

Feels insecure, that’s how it is, but it actually makes adrenaline go up many times. The price could changes every time.

d. Caving


In the Bukit Lawang area there is a cave containing thousands of bats so it is named Goa Bat. The distance between Goa Kelelawar and Bukit Lawang entrance is a 15-minute walk.

In it, you can see the phenomenon of the cave ceiling that looks hairy which is actually a bunch of bats that are busy sleeping. In addition to bats, you can also see the interior beauty of the cave which is equipped with stalagnite ornament, who knows how many years old because it looks very big.

e. Enjoying waterfall


Wet in the Bahorok River when tubing is complete by bathing in a waterfall!

Here, there is a waterfall that you can reach without the trouble of trekking first. Not bad, in addition to the appearance of the waterfall that is really handsome and suitable as a background in front of the camera, the water from this waterfall also feels really cool. The current is also quite calm so you can swim leisurely while relaxing yourself after the beatings of fun on the rapids of the Bahorok River.

f . Trakking

Traking Track

Trekking is a mandatory activity that you must do when visiting Bukit Lawang. The reason, Bukit Lawang which is part of the Gunung Leuser National Park has a relatively hilly land contour. So, your trekking won’t be flat and full of challenges.

In addition, soil conditions in this region also tend to be wet and muddy like soil types in tropical rain forest areas. Guaranteed adventure in splitting the forest so exciting because there is a dirty-dirt event hit by mud. Plus, the vegetation in this area is also high and big which makes the atmosphere feel very jungle. If you’re lucky, you can also see the dead flower that is blooming.

Transportation to Bukit Lawang

Als bus

To get to this location, you can take the ALS or Damri Bus from Kuala Namu Airport heading to Kuala Namu Airport – Binjai, or from Medan to the Pinang Baris bus terminal, followed by taking a bus or chartered car at the Pinang Baris intersection. Estimated cost around Rp. 50,000 – 100,000 / person, Pinang Baris-Bukit Lawang. You will be greeted by the roar of the river water and find a row of stalls, souvenir stalls and restaurants before the crossing bridge.


well for those of you who like to play in the forest and trekking in the forest, this place is really a recommendation for you and also for lovers of rare animals here, enter this place into a list of places that you will visit.

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