Makepung – Balinese Buffalo Race Tradition

Makepung which in Indonesian means to pursue, is a tradition of race buffalo  that has long been attached to the people of Bali, especially in Jembrana District. This tradition was originally just a game of farmers conducted on the sidelines of plowing fields in the harvest season. At that time, they clashed together quickly by spurring the buffalo attached to a cart and controlled by a jockey.

Makepung In Jembrana District, Traditional Balinese Buffalo Race Tradition

Bali is very famous for its traditions and culture. These traditions are traditions that have existed since the time of the ancestors and still a tradition of the community up to this time because it has a very important meaning. These traditions are very diverse. Starting from funeral tradition in Teruyan to Makepung tradition in Jembrana district, West Bali.
Makepung includes sports tradition for Jembrana district community in Bali. This tradition is a very interesting tradition because it is a buffalo racing tradition. Almost the same as the karapan cattle traditions in Madura. It’s just in Jembrana Bali used is buffalo animals instead of cows. Cattle are animals purified by Balinese people.


The Uniqueness of Makepung Tradition

Makepung in Jembrana has slightly unique rules, even among other fast-fighting rules in the world. Because the winner of the race is not determined from who reached the finish line first, but determined by the distance made between the participants who are competing. Makepung winner is determined if the leader in the game managed to keep the distance with the opponent behind 10 meters.


Although Makepung originated from the idle activities of the peasants, yet from here we can learn that a well-preserved tradition, even though it is a very old tradition, can always be a lesson for us. now Makepung Jembrana has become one of its own image to describe the beauty of Bali for domestic or foreign tourists. And from Makepung Bali we can know that a well-guarded tradition will surely be able to have a positive impact on the area that guards it. Makepung in Jembrana is part of the heritage of the archipelago that must always be guarded by the young generation of Indonesia. Because Makepung in Jembrana is part of Indonesia.


The Makepung races usually held early mornings at 07:30 with dozens of pairs of pepadu participating. Another hundred or so take part in the ‘fashion’ parade. The dates for each year’s event vary. However, a rough estimate is that several heats take place monthly from July to November at the various circuit locations. All usually take place over the weekends on a Sunday morning.

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