Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2017

Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2017

Ubud Village Jazz Festival is an annual Jazz music festival held in Ubud, Bali. Each year various talented Jazz Musicians from various countries perform in this festival. Besides Jazz Music, there also will be various types of foods and drinks in this festival. Ubud Village Jazz Festival is one of the interesting event that are eagerly awaited by the Jazz Music lovers who are in Bali.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival was found by Yuri Mahatma and Anom Darsana who have been working together since 2010 in holding jazz concerts with different themes. And in early 2012 they are thinking of hosting a jazz concert community that involves and gets support from other artist communities. So, in 2013 Ubud Village Jazz Festival held for the first time.


This year will be the 5th edition of the Ubud Village Jazz Festival. And just like in previous years, this festival will be held at Arma Museum, Ubud.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival is an annual festival for Jazz Music lovers in Bali. In 2017 this 5th edition of Ubud Village Jazz Festival will be held for 2 days starting from 11-12 August 2017. So this is a great opportunity for Jazz Music lovers in Bali to come and enjoy this Jazz Music Festival.


Jazz musicians from various countries will be perform at Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2017. Some of the musicians that will perform in this festival are Benny Brown (Germany), Gerald Clayton Trio (USA), Ricad Hutapea (Indonesia), Samy Thiebault (France), Steve Barry (Australia), and more.


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