Bali Art Festival 2017

Hey guys, are you try for finding exciting place in Bali? This is will be a great information for your trip on the next holiday. Art is an easy thing you will find if you go to Bali on your vacation. Bali has many event that you should know to prepare you holiday schedule in Bali. This biggest art event in Bali, will be very spectacular event for you. This event only held once for a year. The event called Pesta Kesenian Bali (PKB) in English will be Bali Art Festival.

Bali Art Festival

This event will be held in Art center Bali, which is in Denpasar Area. This place is only 45 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. This event will be held on 10 June – 08 July 2017. The theme of Bali Art Festival in this year is “Ulun Danu – Melestarikan Air Sumber Kehidupan” or “Ulun Danu – Preserving Water Source of Life”. The Bali Arts Festival is the Denpasar cultural event of the years; perhaps it would not be too farfetched to suggest that it is the cultural event of Indonesia. The festival is thus a unique opportunity to see local village culture both “live” and at first hand. Tourists are warmly welcomed. Bali Art Festival is an art festival which is held regularly every year and the organizers is the provincial government of Bali.

Bali Art Festival’s Purpose

The purpose of holding the Bali Art Festival every year regularly is to preserve, develop, and promote the arts of Bali. Bali Art Festival began in 1979; its author is the 6th governor of Bali, Ida Bagus Mantra. As you know, at the first Bali Island is famous for tourism destination, it isn’t because of beaches in Bali and the natural scenery. The main thing that makes foreign and domestic tourist spends their vacation in Bali because of the uniqueness of its arts and cultures that owned by Balinese people. So the history of Bali Art Festival is holding an important role of the tourism development in Bali. This event is also to protect the art and culture of Bali, and make the young generation aware with their own art and culture. Bali Art Festival held for make every kind of art and culture sustainable.

What will you get in Bali Art Festival

The most prominent visible when the annual arts festival is the opening party of Balinese art. In the opening of this art festival, there will be a parade of art, from each of the nine districts in Bali. Each district will show a fashion typical of the region, as well as dance performances and “gambelan” or Balinese traditional music from each district. The unique thing is not only a parade of Balinese art, but sometimes there is also a parade of art from other regions in Indonesia, and also the arts from other countries. You will be amazed because of many kind of tradition in Bali you haven’t see before will be available here that will be a great place for you to visit for your holiday. Not only about culture and art of Bali, in this event will also available regular market for you and also available little playing park for your kid here. This event is usually held at June, so if you are interesting with this event make your holiday trip on June, you will able to see this event because this event will be held for a week.


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