Balinese Bija

The Holy Grain of Rice Which Purifies the Mind

Majority of Balinese people are Hindu, beside of that this island was called by the Thousands of Temple Island. Everyday Balinese people conduct many ceremonies and offer the offering. After they praying, the will get tirta or the holy water and bija.

Bija Information

Bija or Wija is the last series and a worship ceremony. Wija or Bija is a grain of rice that was washed with holy water or water sandalwood. Sometime, bija will be mix by curcuma, and it was called by Bija Kuning or Yellow Bija. Balinese people must use it after praying. Wija or Bija is the symbol of Kumara, the son of Lord Shiva. In essence, the meaning of Kumara is the seed of all Shiva’s / divinity that resides within each person. Mawija implies cultivating the seeds develop into-Shiva’s it in others. So it is recommended in order to use galih rice is rice that is intact, not broken (aksata). Scientific reasons, rice broken or cut off will not be able to grow.

Balinese people usually put Bija in 3 places, those are;

1. On Anja Cakra, between the two eyebrows but little bit above. This place is believed as the place of the 3rd eyes (cundamani). The placement of Bija in there is expected to grow and give the rays of wisdom to the person.

2. On Wisuda Cakra, in the neck or throat. The expected of placement Bija in here is to get the happiness and the symbol of sanctification.

3. On the Mouth, don’t chew and direct swallowed. The reason like that when chewed rice it will be broken and eventually not grow with the divinity in the human. As symbol to locate the sanctity of the spiritual with the hope to obtain perfection of life.

So, Bija has many philosophies, beside the symbol of the fertility of the mind. Bija also be the reminder to the human to make or do the good spirit (Dharma) as the Veda Holy script told.


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