Challenging Bali Water Sports

As you know, Bali is surrounded by the ocean. Many tourists destination that related to beaches and water. Because the environment condition of Bali that near with ocean, it is become the main highlight in Bali. But, seeing the surface of ocean is not enough. You also have to feel the joy in the water. One of the ways to feel the joy in the water is playing some water sports. And here are the 5 water sports that can challenge your adrenaline in Bali.

1. Flying Fish

Flying Fish is a new water sport game in Bali. Flying Fish is consist of 3 banana boats that rolled into one raft and added with rubber boat crosswise in the front and there is a kind of wings on the left and right side. Flying Fish is played by maximum 3 persons. The 2 passenger sit on the right and left side, and 1 instructor sit in the middle. You can positioning yourself stand up like riding a motor cycle or supine sleeping. Flying Fish will be pulled up by high speed of speed boat with the tracks against the wind. Therefore, Flying Fish will fly approximately 2 meters or more on the sea depend on wind speed.

2. Wake Board

Wake Board is a water sport game which challenge your adrenaline because you will get on the board by yourself, no instructor or companion. You will pulled up by speed boat and you will glide on the board. It is like you playing skate board on the water, the different is your track is all about waves and currents.

3. Jet-ski Watersport

Jet-ski Watersport is a water sport game that using a vehicle on the water that similar with motorcycle. Jet-ski itself could not be able to ride by yourself and should be accompany by the instructor because there is so many boats and another water sport activity, so that the crash can be avoid and will not happen. The instructor only drive the Jet-ski from the edge of the beach to the high sea, when arrived at the high sea then it is your turn to drive the Jet-ski. The time of this water sport games is 15 minutes.

4. Banana Boat

Banana Boat is a water sport that using single rubber boat shaped like banana. You will pulled up by speed boat surrounding the beach within 15 minutes of ride. The capacity of banana boat is maximum for 4 person include 1 instructor as a companion. You can ask to speed boat driver to throw passenger into the water while speed boat is going on, or if you do not want to get wet you have to ask to the driver for a normal ride. The minimum age to get on banana boat is 6 years old.

5. Parasailing

Parasailing is a water sport game where you will use the parachute umbrella and pulled up by speed boat surrounding the beach. It is like a real skydiving, but it is really safe and the step is really easy. The time of this game is 5 minutes for one lap in the air. The height of rope which connects between parachute umbrella and speed boat is approximately 30-40 meters. So it is quite high. This game is definitely challenge your adrenaline and really fun.


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