Balinese Clearing Bad Energy Ceremony

The small island of Indonesia Bali, have many kinds of culture inside. Every place that you have to know in Bali have their different culture and different tradition. This is one tradition for you to know. The location of this tradition is in Munggu village at Badung Regency. This village could be access by motorcycle and car, you just need 1 hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport to get this village.

Mekotekan Information

What the name of the unique tradition here? The tradition in this village called “Mekotekan”. Every person will bring their own bamboo as tall as they can get. And after that they will make a bamboo tower or bamboo pyramid for other person to climb it. When this tradition happen? This tradition also held for Kuningan Days, one of big ceremonial day for Hinduism people in Bali. Local society in Munggu will be meet in one place and start the Mekotekan.

The Purpose of Mekotekan

This function of Mekotekan is for make the bad energy running out from their village and good energy will come and bless them. This tradition will be held in Pura Desa (Village Temple) the local society will meet every one here and already bring their own bamboo stick with 4-5 meters tall. The tradition will be start and the participants is come from man in every ages but not for under 15 years old people. They will combine the bamboo stick and make it like a bamboo tower, and move their own stick o hit the others stick. After that they will separate their bamboo again, and when someone hit by the bamboo they shouldn’t be angry and they must climb the next bamboo tower. That’s will happen in this tradition.

This tradition firstly happen on 1934, but this tradition was stop for a moment. On 1946 this tradition also held again when the Munggu society free from disease outbreaks. This tradition must be held every Kuningan days according the Raja Mengwi Cokorda Made Munggu announce.


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