Balinese Meong – Meong

Playing Balinese “Tom & Jerry” Traditional Game

Yesterday, I went to my home in Bongkasa Village. Arrived at home, I rounded my village and I stopped my motorcycle in field. I saw children, they looked so happy because they played many traditional games and didn’t play with gadget. One of the traditional games is Meong –meong.

Meong – Meong Game Information

Meong – meong is the Balinese traditional game and played by children who 6 – 13 years old. Meong – meongan describe the effort of the Cat or Meng (Balinese language) to catch the Mouse or Bikul (Balinese language). The game must play in the large field because the participant will run. It is the funny traditional game which same like the Tom & Jerry story.

How to play this unique game

This traditional game usually played by 8 child or more which one of them as the bikul and meng. The other participant must hold the hand each other and make a circle, the circle is the house of the bikul. The bikul will be inside of the circle and the meng will be out side of the circle. The children who will be the house will sing the Balinese song about this game “Meong- meong alih je bikul e, bikul gede – gede buih mokoh – mokoh kereng pesan ngerusuhin, juk-juk meng juk-juk meng juk-juk kul” means “ the cat, please catch the mouse who make a noise”. The cat doesn’t allow catching the mouse when the sing is juk-juk meng juk-juk meng juk-juk kul. If the catch can the bikul the game will finish, and can be repeated again from the beginning.

The traditional game will learn the children about the struggle, how to communicate to each other, and love their culture. It is recommended activities to try when you get holiday in the Amazing Island, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and get unforgettable experience.


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