5 Days Before Galungan

Sugian Jawa and Bali – Create Awareness of One’s Sacred Inner Power

Bali was dominated by Hindus People, and every ceremony in Bali has unique things and related by philosophy. Next week, Balinese People will celebrate the biggest holy day, Galungan Day. Galungan is a Balinese holiday celebrating the victory of dharma (good power) over adharma(bad power). Beside of that, Balinese people will celebrate Sugian.

Sugian Jawa & Sugian Bali

The Sugian ceremonies are (sequential): Sugian Jawa and Sugian Bali. In Sanskrit the word bali means ‘inner power’, which refers to the bhuana alit or micro-cosmos, the environment of the individual human being (the counterpart of the environment of the individual human being, the macro-cosmos or bhuana agung). Sugian Jawa is 6 days before Galungan or Whrespati Wage Wuku Sungsang, and Sugian Bali is 5 days before Galungan or Sukra Kliwon Wuku Sungsang, according to Balinese Calendar System.

Sugian Bali is the ceremonies that are performed to clean and purify the bhuana agung (the environment of the individual human being, or macro-cosmos) and the bhuana alit (the micro-cosmos or the inner world of the individual human being) of negativity; at the same time they are meant to create awareness of one’s sacred inner power.

The Meaning of Sugian Jawa & Bali

The ceremonies of Sugian Bali are intended to cleanse the bhuana alit (the inner world of the individual human being or the micro-cosmos) of negativity so that he/she will be able (again) to enclose and utilize this inner power in an appropiate, spiritual way. The ceremonies are conducted at the local temples with prayers and special offerings. At the end of the ceremonies one is symbolically cleansed of inner negativity by a pemangku (lay priest) or pedanda (high priest) with purifying sacred water called tirta penglukatan.

The symbolism of this ceremony is intended to remind the individual to guard their self against the selfish desires and actions of the ego in favor of the unselfish goals of the soul or higher self. One prays for a clear mind with positive thinking and for strength to keep one’s self- control in situations where negative emotions are bound to arise.


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