Nyepi – The Silent Day

The Unique Thing when Nyepi Day Held in Bali

The New Year Celebration usually held in the form of a party or the cheers with a variety of attributes that support a celebration of it. But the Hindus people celebrate their New Year with deserted and without any festive celebration.

Nyepi – The Silent Day

Nyepi expects a day of absolute silence, based on the four precepts or Catur Brata Penyepian; – Amati Geni : no fire or light, including no electricity. – Amati Karya : no form of physical working other than that which is dedicated to spiritual cleansing and renewal.- Amati Lelungan : no movement or traveling.- Amati Lelanguan : fasting and no revelry/self entertainment or general merrymaking. It can be concluded that Nyepi really should be deserted without any festive celebration.

Unique Things Of Nyepi

Nyepi is believed to be the purification of Central Ocean Gods and bring the essence of living water. But two or three days before Nyepi, the Hindus people perform the purification by performing Melasti ceremony. In addition, beside the meaning of Nyepi there are many unique things as well that Hindus in Nyepi, including;

1. On Nyepi or “Silent Day” makes the City Bali reduce emissions of Carbon Dioxide Gas (H2O) as much as 20,000 tons a day.
2. “World Silent Day” established by the UN This was inspired from the Hindu Nyepi Day.
3. Due to the celebration of Nyepi in Bali managed to save electricity by 60%, which dirupiahkan be 4 billion and approximately 290 megawatts.
4. Not only saves electricity, it turns out Bali diesel fuel can save as much as 500,000 liters or 3 billion.
5. On the day of Nyepi too many people feel calm due to our daily routine, so many people feel extraordinary calmness.

In addition to this, Nyepi can unite all Hindus in Bali to jointly perform a ceremony that begins a few days before and during Nyepi it lasts. The tolerance level of the whole people in Bali are incredible, because many newcomers or tourists who join to appreciate the celebration of Nyepi


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