Balinese Student Celebrate Ogoh-Ogoh Procession

The day before Nyepi specialized in Bali, usually celebrated with a parade of Ogoh-ogoh embodying Bhuta Kala who paraded around the neighborhood, and then burned. The goal is the same, namely Bhuta Kala expel from the surrounding environment. Ogoh – ogoh is also a manifestation of creativity and artistic innovation of the young artists.

Ogoh-ogoh are made using iron frame as the main support body of ogoh-ogoh and then use bamboo matting on the body, thighs and legs. For the section curves of the body that are difficult typically use cork, such as arms, fingers and legs. After that are colored and decorated then in pairs in accordance with the character attributes, such as mace, sword and arrows. The ogoh-ogoh is one of the works of art that use many art style, such as sculpture, carving, painting, art decor, art music and more

Recognition and Preservation of Local Culture

Many schools give the culture lessons for the younger generation, especially kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools. The functions are increasing their knowledge and loving their heritage. Many activities can be introduced to love their culture, one of them is ogoh – ogoh parade. Children is wearing traditional Balinese, carrying ogoh -ogoh and around the area of the school. They will interact with each other.

Widiatmika School held the ogoh-ogoh parade in this morning. Beside of that, they conducted many performances like kecak dance, Balinese traditional games and Balinese traditional music. The theme of this event is “Recognition and Preservation of Local Culture”. Every ogoh – ogoh has own story, like “Cupak Grantang”, “Ramayana Story” and “Bad Giant”.


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