Balinese Purifying Ceremony

Towards welcome the new year Caka for Hindus especially in Bali that fall between March and April according BC calender, then there are several series of ceremonies were held, one of that is Melasti procession was carried out 3 or 4 days prior to Nyepi Day, which falls on Tilem , sasih (months) Kesanga. A glimpse of Nyepi, on the day of the execution of the atmosphere of this resort island will be no activity except for medical services in hospitals, and the next day at pinanggal kapertama sasih kedasa is a new year of Hindus which is also called pengrupukan. The attractions in Bali will usually crowded by locals.

Melasti Ceremony

Melasti ceremony for Hindus is a means of cleansing oneself of all impurities of mind, as well as the globe sublime (the universe), at this moment all Pratima or pralingga which are sacred objects sthana of Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa, from a temple or a banjo carried and taken part in the procession with the aim of cleaning the abstract. Are carried out on the beach (sea), lakes and springs are purified. Some beaches are often used for ceremonial purposes melasti is Sanur and Kuta beach, where the place also is a tourist attraction that is often filled by foreign tourists, religious processions like this to be a unique object and draw tourists. Likewise Beratan in Bedugul is a sacred place for the implementation of religious ceremonies.

When you are traveling tour or rent a car in Bali, happened to meet the group with a procession Melasti ceremony, so make the trip a little delayed, expected you to be patient, do not honk unnecessarily, as in addition to the police there were police officers traditional help launch activities , The characteristics of this very clear procession addition to carrying Pratima accompanied by offerings, umbrellas, banners, weapons Dewata Nawa Sanga, traditional musical accompaniment bleganjur types, and wear traditional clothes are usually white.

Purify Themselves

Melasti ceremony also called Melis or Mekiyis, all the impurities themselves thrown into the sea and to obtain pure water which is also called Tirtha Amertha angamet. Expect to get physical and spiritual purifies, and to get the blessing of the Almighty God. Furthermore, after the procession prayers at the beach, lake or river, the whole body as well as the equipment is brought back to the Great Hall of the village temple.

In addition, to purify themselves so that Hindus were given the power and the right way in the implementation of Nyepi Day several days ahead. That’s because when we do Brata Nyepi, in order to start a new life tomorrow. If by chance the time before, the celebration of Nyepi is you’re in Bali, in addition procession Melasti ceremony you can watch the procession of others that parade Ogoh-ogoh, that is a symbol of the Bhuta Kala (Bad Spirit), which always tempt people towards the wrong path, implementation afternoon , a day before Nyepi ceremony.


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