Tumpek Wariga

Balinese Hindus Dedication for the Vegetation

Bali was dominated by Hindus People, and every ceremony in Bali has unique things and related by philosophy. One of them is Tumpek Wariga, the ritual ceremony dedicated to the vegetations. It’s also known as Tumpek Pengarah or Tumpek Uduh or Tumpek Bubuh.

Tumpek Wariga Information

It’s called as Tumpek Pengarah since it’s a day to give the offering for the vegetation to provide a lot of food (fruits, leaves, etc). Beside of that, Balinese has unique spells, “Kaki-kaki buin selai lemeng Galungane mangde mebuah ngeed, ngeed ngeed “. It enables the Balinese to make any preparation to hail Galungan Day that will come in a few weeks ahead. Pengarah means instruction. It comes once in every six months or every 210 days, suggesting the Balinese to worship God Sangkara the God of Vegetation. It’s a right time to beg the God to give His grace so the vegetation can provide a lot of crops.

Tumpek Bubuh is also its name since there is bubuh included in the offerings that’s dedicated to God Sangkara, the God of vegetation. Bubuh means porridge made from rice flour. In committing the ceremony, the bubuh is smeared on the tree bark as a symbol of fertilizers (the proper food for vegetation). In Pangider-ider Bhuana (eight direction), Balinese worship the honor of God Sangkara at the SouthWest with His sacred color is green symbolizing the fertility. God Sangkara is also worshipped as Dewan Pa-nunggun Karang, the god who protects Balinese in houses. He will turn out into Sang Hyang Kala who will disturb the owner of house if the owner ignores His existence. Such character is quite similar to the characteristic of vegetation. Any effort of people to damage or to ignore the conservation of vegetation is only a kind of suicide.

Conducting the Prosperity

On the other hand, prosperity and comfort will come around whenever the vegetation is protected and conserved. Concerning the deep meaning hidden behind this ceremony, Tumpek Wariga contains external and internal meaning for the Balinese. Wariga is the name of seventh wuku in Balinese calendar. Besides, it’s also a term to determine the appropriate or inappropriate day to have a ceremony or activity in Hinduism.


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