Balinese Traditional Cloth

Bali traditional clothes in addition to having the value of beauty, but it is also stored value – philosophical and symbolic value that is hidden in the form, function, and meaning. That is why in traditional Balinese dress decorated by various ornaments and symbols that have meaning themselves. Completeness of traditional Balinese dress consists of several items. “Kamen” or sarong, among other items for men, songket for men and women, for men and bun udeng complete with tiara for women. Besides, men pinned Bali keris, while women carrying the fan as a complement.

Philosophy of Balinese Traditional Cloth


Traditional Balinese dress has a deep value philosophy. Philosophy of Balinese Traditional dress in almost is the same with most other areas of traditional clothing in some respects, but since Bali is one place that has been worldwide and the sacred; the philosophy of traditional Balinese dress has become important in existence. Bali traditional clothes have standardization in its completeness.


Complete traditional Balinese dress generally worn on ceremonial / religious ceremonies or large. While the medium custom clothing worn while carrying out daily prayer rituals or while attending an event such as for example when the party encouraging the birth of children, child graduation, successfully obtaining the harvest, or welcoming guests. Philosophy of traditional Balinese dress is basically rooted in the teachings of Sang Hyang Widhi, the God who is believed to provide shade, peace and joy for Hindus who believe it.


Each region has different ornaments that have symbolic meaning in their native dress. Nonetheless, traditional Balinese dress is basically the same, namely adherence to Sang Hyang Widhi. This clothing is also often used to distinguish the level of caste, which is a man-made itself. In the presence of the Creator, all human beings are equal in rank. Aside from being a form of homage to the creator, traditional Balinese dress is a form of homage to the visitors / guests. This is something that is common, bearing in mind if you as a guest will be honored if welcomed by homeowners who dressed nice and neat.


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