Blanco Renaissance Museum

In Ubud are available a museum that is very famous museum. Listen the name of the museum will also make you easy to knowing about who is the artist in that museum. The name of this museum is Blanco Renaissance Museum. According to the name absolutely you will be imagine Mr. Antonio Blanco the popular painter in the world. Your imagine is right this museum was build for him, Mr. Antonio Blanco get the opportunity to stay in Ubud because of the King of Puri Ubud like his painting very much and very proud of his skill very much.

Blanco Renaissance Museum Information


You will find all of Balinese lifestyle in traditional era, specially Balinese woman painting. Mr. Antonio Blanco interesting in Balinese Woman painting theme, and he was make a painting with model his wife. In every painting of Mr. Antonio purely paint the lifestyle of Balinese woman in that era wasn’t use cloth or T-shirt. It’s about 300 paintings available in Blanco Renaissance Museum.


Nowadays this museum manage by his son, Mr. Mario Blanco. If you come there you will find two kind of painting, the first place is for showing the Mr. Antonio Blanco Painting and then the second rooms will showing Mr. Mario Blanco paintings. Mr. Antonio and Mario Blanco have a special studio to make their paintings. In this studio you will longer to enter if Mr. Mario Blanco still inside to make a painting. Mr. Mario Blanco has a different theme with his father, he like to take the nature and lifestyle for his painting. And if you come to Blanco Renaissance Museum you will also find paintings, you will find many birds in the front gate. The birds is very smart and able to talk and following your words. So be careful when you are talking with the bird.

Blanco Renaissance Museum’s Location

This is a special place for art in Bali, that’s located in Ubud area. And for the entrance gate you will find big statue, do you know the shape of that statue is following the Mr. Antonio Blanco signature. If you want to see it just come to this museum in Ubud area and you will show many spectacular paintings here.


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