Mebuug-buugan Tradition

Balinese Unique Tradition to Evict the Bad Spirit

The unique tradition that only available in Bali, always be the magnet to pull the foreign and domestic tourist to come to Bali. Their purpose will not only for watching and seeing, nowadays many tourists would like to learn and practice Balinese local culture and tradition.

Mebuug-buugan Tradition Information


Mebuug-buugan is a tradition from Kedonganan Village. The Kedongan Village is located at Badung Regency, and you only need 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. This tradition is very unique for you to watch, and if you want you will also do this tradition together with them. This tradition also held one day after Nyepi or Silent day. Mebuug-buugan was stop to held in this village for 60 years, and now this tradition held again in this village.

The Unique of Mebuug-buugan


Why did Mebuug-buugan tradition stop to held for 60 years? The reason is about how to do this tradition. This tradition is a Mud war, this will look likes Snow war. The local society will use the mud to hit the other, but the different is all of the participant must be nude. What do you think about that? Is very unique for you? The participant is only man, every ages of man able to join this tradition. Because of the nude, local society stopped this tradition until 60 years.

The Signification of Mebuug-buugan


This tradition purpose is to make the bad energy running out from everybody who doing this tradition. Mud is the symbol of bad energy. Nowadays Mebuug-buugan tradition held again, with different concept. You will able to see this tradition at mangrove area near of kedonganan village. The new concept is the participant not nude again. The participant can use pants or Balinese traditional cloth to do Mebuug-buugan tradition.


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