Bali Extreme Weather

Bali will get the Extreme Weather

The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) of Central Region III issued a warning weather in Bali. If the rain called extreme, rainfall will be intensity more than 150 millimeters. The heavy rain will come in Buleleng, Tabanan, Gianyar, Karangasem, and Badung Regency on morning, afternoon, and evenings.

Bali Extreme Weather


Based on the analysis of weather, recorded a high intensity rainfall or heavy rain has the potential to happen in some areas in Bali. The extreme rainfall creates landslides and flash floods in several areas in Bali, which had been categorized as vulnerable. Based on the record BMKG, rainfall extremes and medium category recorded in at least 17 regions in 8 districts / municipalities in Bali. Only in Jembrana, rainfall is not recorded in the extreme category. The extreme rainfall in Bali will be happen until 14 February 2017


The BMKG predicts wind blowing from the southwest to the northwest at a speed of 8-38 km/hour. Meanwhile, sea wave height in the north of Bali ranges from 0:25 to 1.25 meters and in the south of Bali between 0.5 to 3.0 meters. The sea wave of Bali Strait is ranging from 0:25 to 2.25 meters and the Lombok Strait between 0.5 to 2.5 meters.

The Causes of Bali Extreme Weather


There are some causes of the recent extreme weather conditions that happen in Bali. First, it is the rainy season peaks and almost happens every year (January to February). Second, the 1002 mb low pressure in the Gulf of Carpentaria, which led to the patterns of wind assembly in Bali and the formation of convective clouds happen in the region of Bali. Third, because the humid air humidity up to 500MB layers, supporting the growth of rain clouds over the area of Bali.


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