Bale Banjar – Balinese Society Home Base

Bali is the best tourism destination in the word which offers many interesting thing, like delicious food, awesome dance, amazing panorama of beach, unique Balinese daily life and many more. Balinese people still keep their culture, one of them is Banjar.

Bale Banjar Information


Banjar is Balinese term for their place to run social activity and ceremony. Banjar is divided into two parts, first is Banjar Adat and second is Banjar Administrative. Banjar adat – small communities bound by religion and a local brand of communalism. As a traditional institution, the Banjar is ideally autonomous of the state and functions primarily to serve its members communal and religion needs. Banjar administration – represents the government in Banjar level. It takes care all of the affairs of state in the smallest area.

The Banjar Autonomy


Officially, the Banjar has complete autonomy and all matters relating to the Banjar administration and the community it serves should ideally require the agreement of the Kelihan Banjar, the head of the Banjar, in order to proceed. But in the real world, the Banjar is well integrated into the affairs of state – a rather unavoidable predicament considering that the Banjar is the most basic building block of the whole of the Balinese society. For example, development programs are destined to fail if they lack support at the Banjar level. The Banjar, therefore, is the most important link between the government and the Balinese.

The Head of Banjar


At the head of the Banjar administration (dinas) is the kelihan dinas, who represent the Banjar to the sub-district and district-level branches of government and the head of Banjar adat is the kelihan adat who has responsible for all matters of traditional nature, such as weddings, cremation, temple ceremonies, and what may not be done according to tradition. The term of kelihan adat is depended on the traditional custom (awig-awig).

The Function of Banjar

The Banjar must have Bale Banjar which used for the place to conduct meeting and doing ngayah – finishing work with sincerity and selflessly which is done by mutual assistance. Bale Banjar is the central place of the banjar activities. The post of the kelihan adat is officially parallel- neither above nor below-to that of the kelihan dinas that is why kelihan dinas can sometimes double as kelihan adat. The Banjar also includes several community groups, such as the PKK (Pembinaan Keluarga Sejahtera: Maintenance of Family Welfare) and the ST (Sekaa Teruna: Youth Organization).


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