Ngejot Tradition – Balinese Sharing Food

Ngejot Tradition – Sharing Food to Each Other for Spreading Happiness

As we know Bali is the best tourist destination in the world which offers interesting culture and unique Balinese daily life. Tradition can’t spread from Balinese people daily life like dance, subak irrigation system and many more. Ngejot is one of unique tradition that Bali had.

The meaning of Ngejot


Ngejot means giving or sharing something (usually food) to someone else when we have conducting ceremony in our house or celebration the holyday. Ngejot tradition in Bali we can be divided into two, ngejot holyday and ngejot when someone conducting traditional ceremony / particular religion. Actually, the general character of Bali people is helping and sharing, and this ngejot tradition is one of proof.

Spreading the Happiness

Ngejot holyday celebrates on Galungan, Kuningan, Nguasaba Kapat and many others. This tradition means what we have is what we give to others (relatives and neighbors). Usually, Balinese people give Jotan (goods or food provided ngejot tradition) in Keben (box made from woven bamboo) and they put lawar, lilit satay, urutan (balinese sausage) and steamed rice. Ngejot not only give food to neighbors but also a kind of attempt to spread happiness before the holyday or conducting a ceremony.

In addition, in certain regions of multiple, non-Hindu religious community also received jotan (goods / food provided ngejot tradition), and vice versa when other peoples holidays such as Eid Al-Fitr, Christmas, Vesak and other Hindus also feel. So could inferred tradition ngejot this fostering harmony religious people and enhance taste sharing between societies.


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