Lubdaka Story

Knowing the Significance of Lubdaka Story

Balinese Hindus People will celebrate Siwaratri holy day every 1 year exactly on Purwanining Tilem ke Kapitu (one day before dead moon on January). For this year, the Siwaratri celebrated on 26th January 2017. Balinese Hindus People conducting many activities, like pray in the temple, meditation and fasting.

In Bali the Siwaratri day is connected with the story of a hunter called Lubdhaka written by Mpu Tanakung. He is known as the first man who doing the meditation on the Siwaratri day and he got a self purification from Sang Hyang Shiva; after he died, he stay in heaven even he was a hunter who has been kill many animals during his life, so Lubdhaka and Siwaratri is connected.


Here is the complete story of Lubdhaka:

One day, on the night of Siwaratri, Lord Shiva as the manifestation of God doing a meditation or yoga and in the same time, there is a hunter called Lubdhaka was benighted in the forest then he decided to stay overnight in the middle of a deep forest. In order to avoiding the beast, Lubdhaka climbing trees and to keep awake he plucking and drooping down the bila leafs. Accidentally there is a phallus (lingga) of the Lord Shiva under that tree. So indirectly Lubdhaka perform the worship to Lord Shiva while he is doing a meditation.

Lord Shiva is very happy because Lubdhaka stay awake and “accompanying” him to do a meditation. Therefore when Lubdhaka died, and Lord Yama held the judiciary there are battalions of the army from heaven who were sent by Lord Shiva to picking up and bring Lubdhaka into a heaven. Actually Lord Yama wants to sent him to the hell because his job as a hunter is a sin; kill the innocent animals for his own pleasure. While Lord Shiva had already “love” with Lubdhaka who has accompanied him to do a meditation for one night, so he does the intervention on the judiciary verdict which is controlled by Lord Yama. That is all the story of the Lubdaka.


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