Another Challenging Activity in Bali

Hello Bali traveler! Hope you have a wonderful day. It is great day to tell about one of Bali new famous tourist Attraction. Bali! If talking about Bali, we can image the beautiful nature and awesome culture and tradition. Well, beside that Bali offer the unique and historical places to visit in Bali. Buleleng is the widest area in Bali which has many new tourist destinations. If we talk about Buleleng, we will remember the beautiful beach, Lovina Beach and delicious dish, Siobak. Do you know this place has many waterfall spot? The famous one is Git-Git Waterfall. But today we don’t talk abot Git-Git Waterfall. We talk about Aling-Aling Waterfall.


Aling-Aling Waterfall is located in Sambangan Village, Sukasada District Buleleng. It will take 3 hours or 90km from I Gusti Ngurah Rai. You need more energy to find this waterfall, because the distance of parking area to the waterfall is 2 km. You will pass the rice field and more than 400 stairs is your challenge to reach this amazing waterfall.

The waterfall is rounded by high cliffs and many trees which make the fresh atmosphere. Voice of the waterfall and bird’s chirp will create this place like in heaven. The water is fresh and clean, because there is not too much visitor to visit it. You can enjoy the best sensation of waterfall. I suggest you, if you want to visit this waterfall, you should come in the morning, because less light in the night.


Beside enjoy the nature, you can jump from the cliff and slide from waterfall. There are 2 waterfalls which can we used; the first jump spot is from a 12 meter high cliff and the other from 16 meters. If you want to more safety, you can use life jacket because it’s can be dangerous. I suggest you to use the professional jump and slide cliff provider. This place also offers some trekking spot for you trekking in there and has nice panorama of the nature. I believe it will be the best experience during spent your holiday in Bali.


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