The Unique Tradition for Worshiping the God of Water

Bali has so many unique and interesting things, beautiful panorama of the nature and the unique culture and tradition. Not only for the beauty of nature such as the beaches, mountains, lakes, and many other. Bali also has many amazing tradition. Many tourists have not explored yet about Balinese Tradition. Well, here is it!

ratusan-krama-desa-suwat-terlibat-ritual-siat-yeh-800-2016-01-02-043920_0Balinese culture was influenced by Balinese Hindus Religion like ngaben. Beside of that, Bali also has many unique cultures that never you see before. I believe you never see this tradition in other place in the world. If you come to Gianyar Regency, you must see the “Siat Yeh” tradition.

You must to come to Suwat Village, Gianyar Regency or 90 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. The meaning of Siat Yeh is the war of water. This unique tradition is conducted every 1st January every year and it held in the main crossroad of this village. This tradition is the series of The Suwat Water Festival which is held for worshiping the Water God. Suwat Water Festival is held on 29th Dec until 2nd Jan. You will enjoy many traditional dance performances, unique game in the rice field, traditional game and many more.

2The Siat Yeh is held on the afternoon and begins with praying together in Melanting Temple ( temple set on the market) in Suwat Village. The hundred society of this village but dominated by the juvenile or the children pray in temple for asking the protection from the God before or after conducting the tradition. After praying, the society divided to 4 groups, they stand in north, east, south and west. The early stages as a symbol of opening, four Klian Adat and Dinas Suwat (the head of Suwat Village) flush head each other with water that has been purified. It is a sign the war is began. The participant will take the water with water dipper in bucket and they flush each other. After being discharged, they ran to the bucket to fill the water dipper back. That they did so many times until the water in the bucket out. This is very fun tradition because the participant is laughter and cheerful smile.

The day before, the procession begins with take Tirta (the holy water) from Beji Temple in Tukad Melangge (River Melangge). The holy water was put on the Melanting Temple during the day. Tirta mixed into the water used to water war. Through this ritual, villagers Suwat expected to become a new man who is clean and ready to face the challenges of an increasingly complex future. This noble precious cultural procession also becomes a form of togetherness, unity and integrity of local communities.

It is recommended tradition to enjoy when you get holiday in the Amazing Island, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and get unforgettable experience.


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