Denpasar Festival 2016, Remember the Past Atmosphere of Denpasar

As we know, Denpasar is the capital city of Bali Province. Denpasar has many interesting destination like Bajra Sandhi Monument, Bali Museum, Art Center and many more. Denpasar also has annual festival, it called Denpasar Festival. Denpasar Festival is the place for Denpasar Society to show their creativity. It has been held since 2008 which initially called Gajah Mada Town.

At first, the passion Denpasar Festival previously called Gajah Mada Town Festival reminds us back to the times of the atmosphere of Gajah Mada Street. The spirit and passion of creative people in Denpasar, inspire municipal government to create and make it be annual Festival. At the 2009, Gajah Mada Town Festival changed into Denpasar Festival. Denpasar Festival was created by The Mayor of Denpasar, Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra.

The Denpasar Festival held in Bali’s provincial capital is set to return for the ninth time from Dec. 28 to 31. “The idea to hold the Denpasar Festival originates from the will to remember the past atmosphere of Gajah Mada Street as the center of Denpasar residents’ creative activities,” said Denpasar Mayor IB Dharmawijaya Mantra.


Opening Ceremony

Under the theme “Padmaksara”, the event will be centered in Puputan Badung Square and will host various kinds of performances as well as an art installation dubbed “Ebullience”, which is displayed as a form of joy in welcoming the new year. This Denpasar Festival has been come into national events calendar and has been launched by Tourism Minister of Indonesia, Arief Yahya and the Mayor of Denpasar I.B. Dharmawijaya Rai Mantra in Jakarta a two weeks ago. Denpasar Government set up the good quality of contents and make zone that can be enjoyed by all levels of society.


The Veteran Street will be centered of “Heritage”. There will display the classical art performances, traditional cuisine, Photography Exhibition Denpasar Heritage Cities as well as exhibitions of old cars and motorcycles. Meanwhile, Gajah Mada Street will be a Youth Zone featuring a young child stage, dress shops and culinary stand and it reflect of Denpasar young people today, and also the appearance of the young people creative Denpasar featuring a mix of music, disc jockey, and video mapping ,

Denpasar Festival also brings children and families zone, where in this zone will be displayed in various workshops of traditional games, kite workshop, painting T-shirts, mini library and children’s stage show. You also can see the two big stages in the area of I Gusti Ngurah Made Agung Field.

The opening of Denpasar Festival 2016 will be show two kinds of parade of 400 children featuring choreography that tells Denpasar as a Heritage City, Creative City, and Smart Cities. It is recommended event to enjoy in Paradise Island when you get holiday, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and unforgettable experience.


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