Learn Balinese Cuisine with Traditional Method

Hello from Bali! Great day to tell you about experience during holiday in Bali. Bali offers amazing panorama or amazing view, If talking about Bali is the island of thousand temples and the beautiful scenery nature and also the friendly people. Bali has unique thing can we explain when holiday in Bali especially in traditional village. Bali village and the unique tradition is the favorite thing by the tourist. Bali is also famous by handicraft and the souvenir Bali also has many delicious and savory traditional foods and today i will tell you about one of tourism spot which is Anika cooking class. Well, here it is !

Anika Cooking Class in Bali helps introduce you to the world of Balinese cuisine, together with the wealth of traditional cooking techniques and exotic herbs and spices that go along with it. The cooking class welcomes groups and families, and is wrapped up in fun sessions with market tours also included. It is one of the few highlight activities in Tuban, the beach resort area between Kuta and the Ngurah Rai Airport.


There are different classes to choose from. Firstly, the main morning class, at USD 73 (IDR 1 million), starts with an hour’s tour to a traditional Balinese market, which itself is eye-opening as you are familiarised through tropical herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and fish and meat used in Balinese cooking. You’ll also discover peculiar utensils, from stone mortars and pestles, basket steamers, to various earthenware. If you’re not a staying in-house, Anika Cooking Class includes prompt transfer services around the popular southern areas of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua.


An evening class from 16:00 to 19:00 at USD 65 (IDR 900,000) doesn’t include market tours, but let’s you cook up a storm as a fun prelude to a memorable dinner: a Balinese feast with your own creations.

The main cooking space features a well-designed layout and despite its modern fittings, retains much of the themes and appeals of a traditional Balinese kitchen. This includes stylised wooden displays with thatched roofs, and a fire wood stove decorated with bundles of harvested rice stalks and terracotta pots.


Both classes feature demonstrations by Anika’s own Balinese chef, followed by your own hands-on experience such as preparing marinates, portioning and ‘wrapping’ Balinese style minced tuna satays, working your pestle on chopped chillies and shallots, grilling wrapped fish and cooking curries. The instructors at Anika Cooking Class are all English-fluent, and are even able to provide insights on substitute continental ingredients in case you can’t find the local herbs and spices or veggies back home. You may also even gain valuable knowledge on medicinal herbs and healthy diets!

After triumphant mixing, chopping, frying and grilling, your resulting nine dishes and a dessert are ready for to be enjoyed and shared by your own group, accompanied by aromatic and refreshing traditional drinks of hibiscus tea or sweet Balinese rice wine. At the end of your fun and eye-opening half day, you get a cooking class booklet with your recipes, an Anika Cooking Class certificate and a truly pleased appetite. Book for a two-day morning package to learn a wider variety of dishes.


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