Kayuputi Asian Fine Dining

Kayuputi Restaurant at the St. Regis Bali Resort on the southern coast of Nusa Dua offers fine dining with Asian-inspired cuisine.The restaurant is located at the southeastern beachfront of the five-star resort, comprising elegant and stylish interiors in dominant white.


Kayuputi Restaurant presents a rich array through a la carte and degustation menus, as well as Sunday brunches and special Champagne brunches. Through each item, Chef Gede integrates Asian flavours with classic Western influences. Fine examples of this ‘marriage’ of flavours and textures include our sampling of fresh marinated, quick-seared yellow fin tuna, served with sweet-sour tamarind and tuna broth – a luscious sauce inspired by his island home’s heritage ‘rujak’ that is sweet, tangy and truly appetizing.

On to the mains, Kayuputi medium-rare Black Angus beef tenderloin served with butter glazed mushroom and potato, garden salad and red wine meat jus was a delightful and juicily tender treat. Kayuputi also indulged in the seafood option, the Bali lobster. The gracious waiting staff knew their menu well, and delivered swift, attentive but unpretentious service.


The lobster at Kayuputi Restaurant is plated and presented in an impressive fashion: the bright red crustacean is served as a whole, split in halves to reveal its moist and tender meat and fillings of garlic butter and sautéed garden veggies. A side plate accompanied with four different types of dipping sauce – such a treat for the senses, at only IDR 250,000 per 100grams.

Desserts are also heavenly at Kayuputi Restaurant at St. Regis Bali Resort. Warm crispy apple tart topped with Papua vanilla ice cream provided a delightful play of contrasts, and the ice cream slowly melting on the warm tart was a visual treat on its own. The mango coconut cake served with a unique coconut milk sherbet and mango coulis is a brighter presentation compared to the tart, and brings a lighter fruity sensation to the palate. A classic Valrhona choco gateaux brought it down heavier again, served with chocolate ice cream and chocolate coulis.



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