Dining with Rice Fields view

Hello from Bali! Great day to tell you about experience during holiday in Bali. Bali offers amazing panorama or amazing view, If talking about Bali is the island of thousand temples and the beautiful scenery nature and also the friendly people. Bali has unique thing can we explain when holiday in Bali especially in traditional village. Bali village and the unique tradition is the favorite thing by the tourist. Bali is also famous by handicraft and the souvenir Bali also has many delicious and savory traditional foods but many of you tired of having delicious food in a mediocre places and now what if you can eat delicious food while enjoying natural environment., it would be fantastic of course. well, here is it!


Warung D’sawah Located in Jl. Raya Kerobokan Kelod 17, Kuta , Bali.  Like the name of the restaurant sawah means rice fields so this restaurant is surrounded by rice fields as the main thing that attrative from this restaurant, green scenery, and green plants that give you refreshing view.


The most famous and favorite food in here is the crispy duck. The crispy duck in here is famous because very crispy and juicy. To maintain the quality of the duck, they used local duck from tabanan instead of import duck. The most special recipe of this duck is the Balinese special spice that used when boil the duck. And the steam process when cooking the duck make the meat more tender. When the duck served to the table you can smell the spice that will make you drool, served with rice , lalapan , and three kind of chili which is matah chili, bajah chili and uleg chili and a bowl of soup contain carrot and prei leaf. The price is reasonable for me, 1/4 kg of duck only for Rp 120.000,- . and for the beverage starts from Rp 10.000 – Rp 100.000.


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