Tips About Bali for Backpacker

Hello from Bali traveler! Hope you have an amazing day. Well, as we know Indonesia especially Bali has the unique culture and tradition to interact tourist to come, beside the beautiful scenery of nature and favorite tourist attraction, there is also the culture of the local language, well today I would like to inform to the tips before you vacation to the Island of thousand Temple especially for backpackers. Like other country there are spot for backpacker to eat with reasonable price or place to stay with cheap rate. well, here it is!

To Bali with minimal cost as it sounds impossible because prices in Bali seem expensive. But you know, behind the expensive side there really is such a low-cost hotel, food, etc. Well, for those of you who are still “green” want to travel to Bali, here are  tips for holiday  to Bali

  • Do not travel in the holiday season or weekends

The holiday season is fun for some tourists, but they also must be prepared with the fact that everything became more expensive, not to mention air tickets, lodging and food. In addition you may not be able to enjoy anything in the middle of a crowded atmosphere. Visit Bali on weekdays will be more efficient because of the inn set prices cheaper than the holiday season. If you choose a plane to Bali, try to book tickets for the evening flight that cost far less than the low morning and afternoon

  • Rent a motorbike

Renting a motorbike is also much more efficient than take a taxi or other public transport. Do not forget to bargain the price because you could get a cheaper price if rented a motorbike for more than one day.


  • Eating in a special restaurant for backpacker

Look for home-cooked food stalls around the beach that used to be a hangout for backpackers and sell food and drinks at a bargain price


  • Find lodging at a bargain price

Poppy Lane Neighborhood Road and Jalan Legian famous collection of rentals that offer low prices per night. Room rents range from Rp 100.000,- to Rp 350.000,-  per day, and can be cheaper if you rent it for three days in a row. The facilities provided are also adequate

Well, hope you enjoying the tips from me and hope you can use that tips when you’re holiday in Bali. Have a great Day


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