Jinggo Rice – Spicy Food lovers must try

Hello from Bali! Great day to tell you about experience during holiday in Bali. Bali offers amazing panorama or amazing view, Bali also has many delicious and savory traditional foods but today i would like to tell you about Jinggo rice, have you try Jinggo rice before?  If you didn’t have taste it yet, this article would give you some information about this food. Here is it!


Jenggo Rice or Jinggo rice is a typical balinese fastfood that packed using banana leaf with small portion.  Before the financial crisis of 1997,  Jenggo rice was sold for Rp 1500, – (in Hokkien, jeng go means “one thousand five hundred”). Now, the price of  Jenggo rice is approximately RP 2000 –  Rp 5000, -.Because the portion of  Jenggo rice is very little, people usually buy a few packs of jenggo rice especially for men.

Jinggo rice served in a banana leaf. Its content is white rice with side dishes and sauce. Side dishes that are used typically is sambal goreng tempe, serundeng and shredded chicken. Seller Jinggo rice now sells Jinggo rice with yellow rice, while the side dish varied with beef or pork. In addition, Jinggo rice can also be served with fried noodles and eggs.


The history of Jinggo rice started since 1980s. According to the seller , Jinggo rice was first sold in gajah mada, Denpasar. In these places, there are Kumbasari market  which the activity is 24 hours nonstop. Many people in the market who stayed up late and need food  at night. The founder of Jinggo rice is a couple who sell Jinggo rice from afternoon till night. Their creations highly favored by local people , so now many people start sell jinggo rice , not only in Denpasar but many city in Bali even outside Bali island.



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