Omed – Omedan Festival, Balinese teen mass kiss

Hello Guys! Hope you have a wonderful day.Bali has so many tourist attraction that already famous and continuously visited by tourists. But beside the beautiful beaches and the luxury resort in Bali. Bali also has unique culture ( festival , ceremony) . If you want to learn something new and interesting then you will love to read about this. Well here is it!


Omed-Omedan is one of the festival in Bali which is contain mass kiss of teenage in Sesetan Village, Omed- omedan means tug. So at first ,  the teenage will be divided into two groups which is young men and women and then one by one the couple hugged and kiss each other while the other people flush them with water. Not a little of the young women looks shyly but the men looks enthusiastic.

To Join this festival the minimum age is Junior High school student until Collage student or young people who are not married yet. Besides all of that, the rest of the people wear traditional Balinese cloth.



The origin of Omed-omedan festival is start from old folklore. It says, in the past King of Puri Oka was sick and there are no physician can cure him. And on the day of Nyepi, the people of Puri Oka held a festival Omed-omedan. Because the atmosphere is so crowded the king who very sick becoming angry. And then the king went down to stop the Festival but strangely after see the festival the king was cured from his sickness and because of that the king issued a regulation that omed-omedan event should be held every year



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