Piodalan Ceremony in Bali

Hello from Bali Guys! I talking about Indonesia and especially Bali there are some the beautiful nature and unique culture you can see. That’s why the tourist enjoy to come to this island of thousand temple. So, Bali which have many unique culture spread in all bali. Here today I would like to inform to you traveler the good news for who love to learn about Bali Culture, Here is it !

Bali have so many kind of ceremony but today i will tell you about Piodalan. Piodalan is a form of devotion in an effort to achieve that in the Chronicle jagadhita ( reach physical happiness) Bali. Piadolan also known as :

  • Pertiyan
  • Petoyan
  • Puja Wali

Piadolan usually as a group ceremony Yadnya god this is a ceremony devoted presented to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi WACA with all its manifestations that led by a functionary at the shrine, with: Nglinggayang or Ngerekayang (ngadegang). In the particular days they conducted a joint prayer .


Piodalan Means outside or  come down which means Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Waça step out from heaven with all kind manifestation to a certain holy places so the local people can carry out prayers.

Implementation piodalan starting with Ida Bhatara cleanse before piadolan implemented, the entire statue  as a sacred symbol Widhi Hyang, first purified in the temple beji concerned by all manners led by stakeholders as sulinggih at the Beji temple


There are some temple who celebrate piadolan periodically every full moon or Purnamaning sasih:

  1. Piodalan Purnama Kasa / First fullmoon | Pura Purnama in Cemangon Sukawati, Pengubengan Pura Besakih
  2. Purnama Karo / second fullmoon | Goda Estimator-measuring Pejeng
  3. Third fullmoon | Arya Pedarman Telabah in Besakih, Pura Bukit Mentik
  4. Purnama Kapat / fourth fullmoon | Buleleng Pulaki Pura Tirta Empul in Tampak Siring
  5. Fifth fullmoon | Pura Puncak Bukit Siring, Kintamani Pura Dalem Balingkang
  6. Kenam fullmoon / sixth fullmoon | Pura Dalem Son Belingkang
  7. Purnama Kepitu / seventh fullmoon| Merajan Agung Dewa Agung – Klungkung in Sidemen tantrum, Temple Mount Rene – Sidemen
  8. Purnama Kawulu / eighth fullmoon | Queen Ida Pasek in Besakih
  9. Purnama Kesanga / ninth fullmoon | Pejeng
  10. Purnama kedasa / tenth fullmoon | Pura Mining Badung
  11. Purnama Jiyestha / eleventh fullmoon| Pura Masopahit in Grenceng, Pasek Tohjiwa Wanagiri Selemadeg


photo by putu4streck

photo by putu4streck


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