The Art Project of Humanity of ASEAN Countries

EARTH! the word we living. Well, if you realize the word “EARTH” if doesn’t have the “ART “become “EH”! so today i would like to inform to you one of the big project of art in ASEAN. Here is it!

Vienna Gallery (Antonius Kho) in collaboration with the Fondazione Sarenco & Fondazione Benetton, Italy, held an art project, Imago Mundi (Picture World), The Art of Humanity (Art Humanity), Indonesia (220 artists), Malaysia (140 artists) and Singapore (140 artists), which began a year ago.


Art project called Imago Mundi, with the publication of a book / catalog for each country with a constitution huge collection of circulating worldwide. Collection, under the auspices of the Foundation Benetton, has no commercial intention, but aims to unite the diversity of our world on a common artistic experience, to achieve “cataloging” work, rather than following the normal practice, such as through museums, galleries or other art markets.

The goal is to have the collection and traveling shows through exhibitions, books / catalogs and specific websites dedicated to the art and available to the largest number of people around the world, in cooperation with private institutions and public museums, galleries, etc.


Each artist only include the works (paintings, graphics, sculptures, object art) with a size of 10x12cm, CV (in English), the works were not for sale, but only to be published in a book / catalog, website and included participation in various international museum exhibition, each artist will receive one book / catalog, the first page that contains the photo paper (10×12 cm) and CV.

Imago Mundi is a cultural project, democratic and globally visible on the new boundaries of art on behalf of expressive diversity coexistence.

The goal is to tour the collection, to bring, through exhibitions, book / catalog and web project, with many people as possible, and to encourage a genuine dialogue with the art and the world, given that meaning, ideas, reason and inspiration rather than monopoly some, but thrive on interaction and communication. Well, after almost a year of waiting, for the process of gathering of artists and workmanship, now book / catalog has been completed for Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.


In a project the art world as a curator for the countries of ASEAN, it’s been done for three countries (Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore), and we will start work on three countries next, we are targeting the process for a year for each of the 3 countries them. The exhibition will be made after all the ASEAN countries completed the process, the book / catalog before we publish. During this time Foundazione Benetton has worked for all the countries in Europe, America (in part), Africa, Australia and now Asia (partly).

All costs (books / catalogs, exhibitions, websites, operations, etc.) for all the countries in the world funded by Fondazione Benetton, as has been said by that Luciano Benetton.

Further information can be found at



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