Bali Arts Festival | Cultural Event of The Years in Bali

Hey! Good News for you traveler who are in Holiday in Bali or just want to spare your holiday time in Bali. Today I would like to inform to you one of the festival be held in Bali a couple week later. This festival is the big festival in Bali and interact not just local people and also foreign tourist. The Bali Arts Festival is a full month of daily performances, handicraft exhibitions and other related cultural and commercial activities during which literally the whole of Bali comes to the city to present its offerings of dance, music and beauty. So here is it!

On display are trances from remote mountain slopes, forgotten or recently revived village dances, food and offering contests, classical palace dances, and stars of Balinese stage, odd musical performances, new creations dance from the dance schools of Denpasar, as well as contemporary choreography and dance companies from other islands and from abroad.


It is a month long revelry that perhaps no other place in the world can put up on such a low budget as the Balinese. Not only is their traditional culture alive and well, but them having a tremendous pride in it.

The Bali Arts Festival is the Denpasar cultural event of the years; perhaps it would not be too farfetched to suggest that it is the cultural event of Indonesia. The festival is thus a unique opportunity to see local village culture both “live” and at first hand. Tourists are warmly welcomed. Bali Art Festival is an art festival which is held regularly every year and the organizers is the provincial government of Bali. If you are a person who likes the Balinese art such as, painting, sculpture and dance, so don’t miss it guys, Bali Art Festival in 2016 when you spend your holiday in Bali.


The purpose of holding the Bali Art Festival every year regularly is to preserve, develop, and promote the arts of Bali. Bali Art Festival began in 1979; its author is the 6th governor of Bali, Ida Bagus Mantra. As you know, at the first Bali Island is famous for tourism destination, it isn’t because of beaches in Bali and the natural scenery. The main thing that makes foreign and domestic tourist spends their vacation in Bali because of the uniqueness of its arts and cultures that owned by Balinese people. So the history of Bali Art Festival is holding an important role of the tourism development in Bali. The most prominent visible when the annual arts festival is the opening party of Balinese art. In the opening of this art festival, there will be a parade of art, from each of the nine districts in Bali. Each district will show a fashion typical of the region, as well as dance performances and “gambelan” or Balinese traditional music from each district. The unique thing is not only a parade of Balinese art, but sometimes there is also a parade of art from other regions in Indonesia, and also the arts from other countries.


Besides the live performances, the yearly event also features handicraft, painting and sculpture exhibitions, together with a traditional culinary festival that presents favorite Balinese dishes.


The main challenge to the Arts Festival is obviously economic in nature. As village life is increasingly feeling the strains of monetary considerations, dancers, musicians and others cannot be expected to continue participating simply for the sake and the pleasure of it. As costs soar, new sources of financing have to be found. The obvious answer is the private sector and in particular the tourism industry. The greater task then is to convince the hotels, travel agencies and tourist guides to be more participatory in the Arts Festival rather than to their own sponsored events.


Well, this festival will be held this month, so if you’re on preparing to Holiday to Bali doesn’t miss this festival. I suggest you have the opportunity to look and know more about the art and culture of Bali. Happy Holiday!



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