Tips for Holiday with Your Kids

The holiday season is almost come. The tourist attraction will be crowded with many peoples. Well, most of holiday with family and our kids will be fun and nice, but there is sometimes children separated from their parents so it often appears. It is important that your child to follow few things to avoid it. Here are the tips to keep your holiday with family still fun and nice. The following tips are:

  • Know the names and phone numbers of parents

Early familiarize the child knows parents real name and phone number to call. Often when separated from parents, children panicked and crying and shouting greetings to parents as “Mom” or “Dad”. However, when the clerk asks the name of the parent, the child does not know.

  • Personal identity

Make a small cardboard that read data including the child, the parent’s full name, the name of the child, the child’s blood type, address and telephone number. Write down three phone numbers, one for the house and two mobile phone numbers. Insert the cardboard into the pouch made of synthetic leather. Bag size should be small, about one centimeter wide and three centimeters long. These bags were then given a rope for a necklace. The result is the identification that can be worn by a child. Do not forget to teach your child in order to show his ID to the clerk if separated by a parent. Another option is the identification bracelet. Make sure the ID is not easily damaged and faded because of wet and easy to carry everywhere or comfortable to wear.

  • Specify Scenes

Determine the point met if accidentally scattered. So, before exploring the sights, decide together if a separate meeting location. You can also specify a location to meet for lunch. Another option is the safest is to find out in advance the tourist information center. Find information center that is closest to the entrance. And, make the information center or office security officer as a point of meeting.

  • Ask for help to anyone

Teach your child to recognize the security guard, both security guards and police. Before exploring the sights, officers show these attractions to the child. The uniforms they were wearing what color or what. Teach for help to the security officer. Another option, teach the child asks for help to female visitors also brought small children.

  • Recent photos of children

Photos of your child every day so that you could have a recent photo of your child, as well as you can know the clothes worn that day.

  • Kids Wear

In the all-round condition stampedes, you should just carry your child than you are led her. Especially if your children are young, when you’re hold your kids hand on crowded tourist attraction, might be out of the grasp of your hand. If you come with your family, try the wife in front of children walking in the middle, and the husband up the rear. Do not be careless and supervise your child at all times.

Well, hope the tips can be help you when you’re in vacation. Happy holiday!



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