Bandung as Host for this Big Event this Month

Hello from Indonesia foreigner! Indonesia is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world. Indonesia is the country with the beautiful nature and the amazing unique tradition and culture. In Indonesia also favorite by the luxury hotel, resorts for tourist to holiday in Indonesia. Well, besides the famous beautiful beaches, scenery nature and the tourist attraction, Indonesia also favorite by the Convention or Congress destination. Well, today I would like to inform to you the Convention will be held in Indonesia this month. Here is it!

Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata (STP) Bandung or Schools that are under Tourism Department it will host the Asian Tourism Forum or ATF (12th Biennial Conference) held on 7-9 May 2016. ATF is a prestigious meeting which brought together stakeholders in the field of tourism. This event also will be attended by Tourism Minister Arief Yahya pack on May 7 or Saturday.  Tourism Minister Arief Yahya confirmed that he will appear in Asian Tourism Forum or ATF Bandung. STP Bandung was chosen for the second time as host ATF, STP Bandung previously hosted in 2012 (the 10th Biennial Conference).  Was first event held in 1993 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

ATF was two years, and became an international forum that embodies the tourism industry practitioners, academics, researchers, government officials and tourism policy makers. The forum is an arena of stakeholders in tourism to exchange vital research information as a sustainable tourism industry development both in Asia and in the world. Asia Tourism Forum will address public doubts about the study in tourism that is often felt to be applied directly in the field of tourism. The tourism industry can move forward with research and methodology nice. Good research should be useful for policy and all tourism stakeholders.

One example of a policy that encourages the growth of tourist arrivals for example about the visa-free visits, which make tourists come without a complicated bureaucratic. In this event will also present the top speakers with international reputations that are expected to contribute to the world of tourism in general and tourism in particular Indonesia.

Asia Tourism Forum is a prestigious forum and STP Bandung ATF will dedicate 2016 to lift the tourism Bandung and West Java. I would like to introduce Bandung which has a diversified tourism potential. ATF 2016 theme is A New Approach of Wonderful Tourism. Tourism is which has significance for the local economy. The plan will also be a seminar on Campus Talk Power STP Bandung. In this seminar also attended an international speaker Prof. Kaye Chon of Hong Kong Polytechnic University with the topic Icon Hotel Success Story. As Prof. Kaye Chon are the leader and founder of tourism in Asia.

Also present were other speakers, Prof. Alastair M. Morrison, who is the author of the book and tourism figures in the world in the event ATF 2016 is acting as coordinator of the Paper Reviewers. As for the Power Talk Seminar, Prof. Alastair Morrison discusses the topic of Tourism Research: Issues and Trends. Wonderful Indonesia will carry Tourism or tourism that has the beauty and give happiness for tourists as well as business opportunities as possible for the people of Indonesia to be as much a prosperous community.

Healthy living environment, good urban infrastructure, ecological city with a nice orderly and healthy society, is part of the Wonderful Tourism. With tourism people Quality of Life will be increased, so that the entire community is expected to move to make the city beautiful and people love cleanliness. Forum ATF 2016 is very important; also in tourism development social media presence is also a crucial factor. Let’s illustrate the average Koreans do not use Google to search for tourist attractions but through Line and other applications. ATF 2016 will involve 30 countries and 500 participants. More importantly, Indonesia in selling the tourism does not just sell products but Experience. Creativity will bring experience. Well, that the event and the information for you hope you get the benefit for reading this information.


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