More than 1600 Rooms will Prepared for the Meeting in Bali This Month

Hello from Bali foreigner! Bali Island is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia. Bali also has the luxury hotel, resorts for tourist to holiday in Bali. Well, besides the famous beautiful beaches, scenery nature and the tourist attraction, Bali also favorite by the Convention or Congress destination. Well, today I would like to inform to you the Convention will be held in Bali this month. Here is it!

The Congress will be held in Bali is the “Musnaslub Golkar” or the big meeting of political parties Golkar. The meeting will be held on 15 May until 17 May 2016 in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre (BNDCC). Most of people will be come and the committee prepares the accommodation also for the participant of the Meeting. The President of Indonesia also attends this event. The meetings will talking about the political issue and choose the new chief of the Golkar political parties.

Not only in Nusa Dua, will the venue be in Sanur also at the Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel to accommodate the debate of the candidate of the chief of Golkar political parties. The coordinator of committee in Bali says they were prepared 100 percent of this event and the hotel room will be 1600 room at less. The venue also been prepare and the other facilities for the participant of the meeting also for the President Joko Widodo.

The security and the transportation also have been prepared to the all participant of the meeting. The coordinator of the committee in Bali also says he will be ready 100 percent to hold this event and the also held the meeting with the accommodation coordinator and the venue coordinator to make sure the event will be going as good as possible.

For the information the road will be busy at 15 May until 17 May 2016 around the Nusa Dua area to Sanur area. Well, that’s the information of event in Bali will be held this month. Hope you have a nice day!


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