Bali Religious Ceremonies to Invoke the Safety, Gratitude and Protection of God

Hay Traveler! Hope you have a nice day. Well great day to tell about Bali and their unique culture. Bali Island? Who doesn’t know The Island of thousand temples and the Island of God? Bali Island is one of favorite tourist destination in the world. Bali has the beautiful scenery nature and panorama, the unique tradition and culture. Most tourist come to Bali to spend their holiday in beaches. Well, today I would like to inform to you one of the ceremony held in Bali Island to keep the balance between us and the environment and the other life in this world. Here is it!

Bali is the island their culture of doing ceremony every day. Bali Island is sacred by their tradition and culture. In Bali, almost every day of the Hindu community conducting religious ceremonies to invoke the meaning is essentially the safety, gratitude, and protection of Almighty God. Well, if you’re a foreigner who didn’t see yet the ceremony in Bali here today is the unique ceremony to respect our other life in this world to the animals. Animal Ceremony or in Balinese call “Tumpek Uye” or “Tumpek Kandang”. Tumpek Uye is the symbolization for respect the animal to keep their in good condition and give us the good benefit also. Tumpek Uye is one of the ceremonies in order to adore the majesty of God by carrying out maintenance as well as possible over his creation in the form of livestock or pets.

The meaning of Tumpek Uye ceremony is to be grateful to God. Tumpek Uye ceremony held every six months of Balinese calendar. Tumpek Uye is a ritual ceremony salvation for animals, either slaughtered animals or pets that nature to worship God Almighty, Shiva called Rare Angon, herder’s beings.

Ceremony Batch This enclosure is salvation or gratitude / compassion to all animals, especially farm animals or pets. For an agrarian society, animals, especially cows help humans. Enough to work in the fields, milk for freshness and human health even helpful manure to fertilize crops. So prepare yourself to join holiday in Bali and knowing more about the culture in Bali and you can join the ceremony. Happy holiday to you all!


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