Black Sand Beaches The Unique of Bali Beach

Bali is the well-known islands in all over the world with the beaches and around sceneries. Bali has so many white sandy beaches that already famous and continuously visited by tourists. But white sandy beach seems like too mainstream nowadays. There is some black sandy beach in Bali. Here are the excellent black sandy beaches in Bali.

  1. Amed Beach

Amed Beach is the one of the attractive beaches which are popular and wanted by the divers in the world. It takes approximately three hours from Ngurah Rai International Airport by passing through Ida Bagus Mantra Street.

Amed Beach offers the beauty of the beach with a sunrise view and a side of that; Amed Beach has a gorgeous underwater scenery which you can enjoy while you try to dive into the sea. Amed Beach has black sands beaches, the sea water spotless and has a many marine life like kind of corals and the type of fish. That thing is the main attraction for tourist to dive in Amed beach. If you keep walking towards Amed Beach, and you will arrive at Jemeluk Village, that has little pieces of the gorgeous coral gardens. The divers can use the boat to reach and round Jemeluk Village. At Jemeluk Village, the tourist can see the stingray fish, sea turtle, shark, and beautiful coral that depend on the depth of diving. Around 10 meters from Amed shoreline, there is a frame of Japan patrol ship at World War II that has a shipwrecked. That’s is the great thing. divers can see on diving sport in Amed beach.

  1. Kusamba Beach

Kusamba Beach is a sloping black sandy beach in Klungkung regency area that located not too far from Goa Lawah temple, around 2.7 kilometers toward western part. Kusamba Beach area has the waves that relatively calm. The wind blow is not too strong so that it is quite comfortable to stay at the shore of Kusamba Beach. Activity in outrigger boat was quite living an atmosphere at Kusamba Beach, which has quite great beach landscape.

Kusamba Beach has ever been one of the principal port of Klungkung Kingdom. The name of Kusamba itself noted in Klungkung Kingdom history as a historical place where Klungkung Kingdom’s troop successfully seized back Puri Kusamba from Dutch’s hand. The beach landscape of Kusamba Beach is long and the smooth back sandy beach decorated it well. There is no pier at Kusamba Beach but stay there in the afternoon before sunset is a perfect time to spend.

  1. Lembeng Beach

Lembeng Beach located in Lembeng Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency. The distance is around 15 km from Gianyar city. Like several other beaches, Lembeng Beach also becomes one of location to hold several religious ceremonies such as Melarung or Melasti that simultaneously occupied by Hindus in Bali. As for several activities that can be done when you visit Lembeng Beach are fishing, spend your leisure time, surfing, sunbathing, and enjoy the sunset.

The black sandy beach and the high waves can make your mind calm. The condition which still beautiful and natural make you like to be here. Lembeng Beach is a good choice for your holiday in Bali.

  1. Soke Beach

Soka Beach located on West of Bali, around 10 kilometers west to Tabanan city or approximately three hours from Ngurah Rai International Airport. The beach place is on the traffic between Gilimanuk and East Bali. So the site is used as a cooling machine stop beside it is popular for the younger generation as the weekend and holiday sightseeing. In there is a restaurant in front of the beach, and people who come can enjoy the clearly black sandy beach while enjoy meal or drink.

Public areas have built for shading and parking. The beach is not exclusive; consist of a corals and black stones, the only people like there is the sound of the wave of Indian Ocean. Soka beach and it is adjacent to the edge of the forest of Soka Beach is not far from the wet rice field. But, both of them have a beautiful and exciting view for you to visit. One of the interesting places is Payan beach. This beach is in the Western part of Soka Beach. A small river separates it. If the tide falls, you can pass away. It will be easier if you cross the highway, it is about 50 meters from Soka beach, to the right. This way directs to Luhur Sarijong temple which is located on Payan beach, which has the parking area and is big enough place to take a rest. The place also has thousands of coconut trees, which make it a shaded area. This place is high sufficiently so that the view of Soka beach looks beautiful.


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