Save The Earth by Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Earth Hour movement will be re-done simultaneously throughout the world. Denpasar city as one of the towns in Indonesia to be part of the action of this eco-friendly lifestyle that has been successful last year staged a switch off (turn off the motion lights) for one hour from 20:30 to 21:30 pm.

This activity will be centered roundabout at Catur Muka statue as an icon of Denpasar on Saturday (19/03/2016) tomorrow. Last year, this movement was successful Earth Hour movement with communities in Statues Chess advance witnessed around the world, now held again invites the public to take action to turn off the lights at once. This action is implemented around the world by the movement invites people turn off lights for 1 hour and become a part of everyday lifestyle. It can also be followed by more environmentally friendly lifestyle, such as reducing and process waste, saving paper and tissue, planting trees and using public transportation.

Statues advance chosen as an icon of Denpasar with simultaneous movements around the world who do the same select images of the city, such as in Jakarta held at Monas monument. Activities at the Catur Muka Statue this year will be celebrated by turning off the lights and fountains at Catur Muka Statue for a whole hour that will also be enlivened with exhibition title of new renewable energy in Puputan Badung, I Gusti Ngurah Made Agung.

This activity will also be attended CEO of WWF-Indonesia to celebrate with the action. Further also explained that although in Bali has no Nyepi Day celebration each year and has become a global culture, this step needs to be done through everyday movements we together carry out a lifestyle more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

On March 19 2016 as a ceremonial movement in the hope can be done at any time by turning off the public through 1-5 lights for one hour on that date. Furthermore, this movement can be done through energy-saving action in everyday life turning off lights that are not used for home stairs.Because it viewed the data nationally 78 percent of electrical energy in Indonesia is consumed by Java and Bali, with a large consumption in the area of Badung and Denpasar.

With this movement, we hope people can preserve the environment because it will be able to save energy.


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