Festival Celebrate Every Year in Bali and Still Attract Most Tourist

Happy Holiday! well today I would like to inform you some information about event will be had on this year. This year on March we will find the “Nyepi” day or we call Silent day.Before the Nyepi day there is the Pengerupukan day and it will awesome with the “ogoh-ogoh” or Balinese puppets or sculpture. Ahead of Nyepi, the Hindu community underwent a number of distinctive ritual which is essentially an attempt purification of self and environment. At 2-4 days before Nyepi, the people cleanse themselves and the worship at the temple through the Melasti ceremony. While, one day before Nyepi, performed ritual Yadnya Blind (Bhuta Yajna).

Yadnya blind is a series of ceremonies to banish the presence of blind scorpion which is a manifestation of the negative elements in human life. In a series of blind Yadnya, there is a tradition of ogoh-ogoh makes so vibrant annual festival and become a tourist attraction. Ogoh-ogoh is a puppet or a faceted sculpture that became a symbol of the negative elements, vices, and crimes that surrounds human life. The doll is made of a bamboo frame covered with paper. Making the ogoh-ogoh can last for weeks before Nyepi. Time to create a ogoh-ogoh may vary depending on the size, type of material, the amount of human resources work, and the complexity of the design of the ogoh-ogoh.

Generally, every level of society from a banjo will make ogoh-ogoh belonging to their territory. Among adolescents in an area generally wants ogoh-ogoh-owned regional superior of ogoh-ogoh belonging to other regions. Therefore, other than as part of a ritual tradition, the process of making ogoh-ogoh also be a container outpouring of creativity local youth. Making the ogoh-ogoh and technical implementation of the procession procession is usually administered in a committee formed by Sekaa Teruna Teruni (a kind of youth) in each row.

Ngrupuk rituals and marches took place simultaneously ogoh-ogoh day before Nyepi or tilem sasih Kesanga in each row across Bali. Preparation parade usually started in the afternoon and the parade will last until midnight. To be able to walk in an orderly, Bali Government then issued a number of policies, which include curbing the parade route, the crowd convergence point, and contest of ogoh-ogoh design creativity created by the community. A number of attempts are done to prevent friction procession of the various regions and also packed annual event has become a spectacle that appeals to migrant communities, especially the tourists.

To Denpasar, the crowd ogoh-ogoh can be found in several places. One is around the Statue of Catur Muka Puputan, which is the center of the square in Denpasar, route Statue Catur Muka-Jalan Hasanuddin-Jalan MH Thamrin, Jalan Gajah Mada-Catur Muka Statue. In addition, the concentration of the crowd ogoh-ogoh also held at Ground Zero monument Kuta, route Ground Zero-Jalan-Jalan Raya Kuta Kuta Beach Singosari-Ground Zero. The parade in Sanur area runs through the McDonald’s Sanur, through the Bypass Ngurah Rai, then turn to the West and ending in Jalan Hang Tuah and in each village is usually held ogoh-ogoh race creativity of each row in Bali. This year Denpasar will provide the present total of IDR 320,000,000,- for all participants who pass the selection.

Hope you enjoy the information and will see the ogoh-ogoh festival this year in Bali. See You! Thank You. Happy Holiday!


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