Tradition, Ceremony and Bali is a Unity

Hello, today I would like to inform you a little bit about the ceremony will be attend in Bali. If you’re on holiday prepare yourself to join and know more about that ceremony. The ceremony is celebrated every year in Bali. That ceremony will be celebrate this March and this is the series of the ceremony:

  • Melasti Ceremony

The first part of the ceremony is the Melasti ceremony. Melasti is meaning of the to re-sacred all component in the world. Hindu’s people in Bali believe there are 2 world “Bhuana Alit” (the small world) and “Bhuana Agung” (the Universe). This ceremony followed by thousand of people in Bali and their going to water source. Why water source? because Hindu’s people believe that place are purify all the elements in Universe.

The purpose of this Melasti ceremony is to purify Bhuana Alit (small world) and Bhuana Agung (this universe) from bad influences, bad deeds and bad thoughts. Bhuana Alit (small world) is meaning the heart / soul of each individual who lives in this world while Bhuana Agung was the wide world or this universe. This ceremony is very important value to remind /realize how important this life and we need a day to purify ourselves and the universe. With this ceremony, all the components that live in this world have a clean soul so the world can survive from the threat of a bad thing.

  • Pengerupukan Ceremony

Pengerupukan ceremony are celebrate before the “Nyepi day” or silent day. Pengerupukan ceremony purpose is to cast out evil spirits from within people and the world also. The specialy Pengerupukan ceremony in Bali are celebrate by “Ogoh-ogoh”. Ogoh-ogoh is one of the statue the symbol of the devil. That celebrate after the sun go down. Ogoh-ogoh now are many characteristic and very artistic.

  • Nyepi day

Today, all of the people in Bali are not doing activities except the “Pecalang” or Balinese security. There are 4 rules must be following:

  1. Amati Karya: Can’t doing to work or anything physical activities.
  2. Amati Geni: Can’t doing to use fire or electrically and must be control the carnality.
  3. Amati Lelungan: Can’t going to somewhere and just stay at home.
  4. Amati Lelanguan: Can’t doing the party or have fun and make noisy.

Well, that the rules for celebrate Nyepi in Bali. The tourist must respect the ceremony if you’re on Holiday.

  • Ngembak Geni Ceremony

Ngembak Geni ceremony doing the day after Nyepi day and this day all people in Bali can doing their activities again. The purpose of this ceremony is to meet each other and stay in touch with neighbors and family. In some places the special ceremony are celebrate. Such as in Sesetan village in Banjar Kaja the Ngembak Geni ceremony are celebrate by doing festifal call “Omed-Omedan”. This ceremony celebrate every year after the Nyepi day in Banjar Kaja Sesetan. Omed-Omedan festival are followed by the young boy and young girl in that village. The festival are simple the group divided by 2 group boys and girls. The festival doing by who was in the first line they will be hug and kissing each other and then the people are scream and pour water to them. The purpose of this festival is to ward off all sorts of disease outbreaks in the village.

  • Purnama Kedasa

The last ceremony are celebrate to completed the Hindu’s New Year is The Full Moon “Purnama”. people going to the temple with their family to pray and get the “Titta” holy water. People believe The Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa bring the Tirta Amerta to world to bless the world and its contents in order to prosper face the coming year.

Well that the series of new year ceremonies in Bali. Hope you enjoy the information and get the info. Thank You!


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