Bali Island Gateway

Holiday not also use the air transportation, the marine transportation you can use to. Bali has 3 big port and ready handle you to go to the other island or other destination. Check this out the Bali Harbor:

  • Gilimanuk Harbor

Bali’s west gateway, it is the cheapest inland way to reach Java.There is ferries that sail every minute to deliver people and vehicle from Bali to Java. The beauty of Gilimanuk’s beaches is rarely mentioned. It has a wide range of coral beaches, white and black sand beaches and mangrove forest. The exquisiteness of the underwater coral awaits anyone willing to dive in and go for snorkeling. There are two small islands in the bay, which are barely more than sandbars “Pulau Kalong” (Bat Island) and “Pulau Burung” (Bird Island). For tourists who want know further about the history of Bali, there is also a museum containing pre-Hindu archaeology.

The villages around Gilimanuk contain a mixture of Balinese, Javanese, Madurese and Bugis architecture unique to Bali. No less beautiful are the various boats belonging to these ethnic groups. Gilimanuk plays its role as a west seaport of Bali. Daily ferry service (Bali – Java) is run. It also offers a beautiful view from the busy harbor.

There are several places of interest including the Gilimanuk Bay that is perfect for enjoying the marine tourism and the West Bali National Park. Tourist facilities have been available at Gilimanuk such as lodging, restaurant or food stall and souvenir shop.

  • Padangbai Harbor

Padangbai is developed into a nature and cultural tourism in a tourism resort development of ​​Candidasa, Padangbai Village, Manggis Subdistrict, Karangasem. It is about 25 km from the town of Amlapura, 13 km from Candidasa and about 31 km east of Denpasar. At this location sits a harbor becoming the access of transportation to Lombok Island, NTB. The name of Padangbai got influence from the Dutch as a result of colonial period. It was formerly known as Teluk Padang or the Padang Bay.

It is a white sandy bay whose location is tranquilly surrounded by black rock. Due to its strategic location, the life of undersea nature is well maintained. Padangbai attraction has pure white and thick sandy beach that is good for sunbathing or swimming. Besides, its natural undersea beauty is very appropriate for diving and snorkeling because it is rich in various kinds of coral reefs and amazing ornamental fish. Another attraction that can be found here is an exotic bloo lagoon becoming a favorite destination for divers. Meanwhile, Padangbai also has a cultural attraction in the form of Dang Kahyangan Temple (universal temple) complex.

In the east of Padangbai Beach lies the Silayukti Temple founded by Mpu Kuturan in the eleventh century during his pilgrimage to Bali. Mpu Kuturan was a priest having a great merit in setting up the Hinduism in Bali where his teachings remained to be adhered to and implemented by the Hindus in Bali today. In the south of the temple lies the Tanjung Sari Temple built by Mpu Bharadah, the youngest brother of Mpu Kuturan. Then, in the west of Padangbai sits the Penataran Agung Temple founded in the sixteenth century by Danghyang Dwijendra also known as Pedanda Sakti Wawu Rawuh, a descendant of the Mpu Kuturan

  • Benoa Harbor

The main harbor of Bali which located about 6 km to the south of Denpasar. It caters the needs of local and international sea journey. This harbour has become the home base different cruises (Bali Hai Cruises, Bounty Cruises, Mabua, Wakalouka, etc) towards the eastern islands, and international yacht races are frequently organized here. Benoa Bay a wide and shallow bay east of the airport runway. It is the port for tourist day-trip boats, a private marina, and many fishing vessels off-loading their catch of tuna and squid and Pelni Inter-Island ferries.

The occasional monstrous cruise ship that visits Bali for a one day outing can be seen anchored at the entrance to the harbor at times. Low tide is a most interesting occasion with fisherman standing in the water what seems to be the middle of the harbor. Only a small channel is deep enough for bigger vessels.

Well, there are 3 harbors in Bali area. You can enjoy the different experience by doing holiday use the port in Bali to go to the other island. Happy Holiday!


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