Holiday and Rain Do This Activities

Indonesia especially Bali has 2 season and if you holiday in Bali on the wet season maybe you get bored and no more activities you can do except in the hotel. Well, if you’re on holiday and you got boring time because of the rain. Don’t worry about it because I have some solution to waste your time in the hotel.

  1. Fitness

Most hotels generally have their own Gym of Fitness Centre. The facilities are not as complete as possible in the fitness center, and yet you can still exercise. In addition to become more fit and healthy, who knows you meet a fellow traveler who was also trapped rain. Can even add your friends!

  1. Spa

For the traveler who got stuck in the rain which had the hotel spa facilities, it’s time to use these facilities. Occasional pampering yourself not why not? By trying the spa, the mind will be relaxed and the body feels fresh. Choose a spa package in accordance with the contents of the wallet of course!

  1. Take advantage of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is certainly to be found in almost every hotel. As long as it was raining, just take advantage of the hotel Wi-Fi for various purposes. Starting from the business office, information about tourist destinations around you, to chat on social networks, can all thanks to Wi-Fi.

  1. Reschedule Itinerary

Rain does not mean all the plans that had been prepared earlier in the day failed. When you are outside the rain, you can reschedule or rearrange the trip itinerary. You should choose a place that is not far from the hotel and is not prone to flooding. Reset again scheduled to meet with friends, following its location.

  1. Enjoy Restaurant Facilities Hotel

Cooped up in a hotel because the rain does not mean to starve. You can set foot into the restaurant to fill the abdominal rumbling or just a warm body with a snack and hot coffee. Do not forget to bring a book to pass the time. But remember, choose foods that fit your travel budget.

Well, that the solution for your holiday. Thank you. Happy Holiday!


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