Unique Thing Make You Never Forget Bali

Hello, today news is Balinese food information to you. Balinese food especially are make from many ingredients.

Well there is it!

  • Suckling Pig

Suckling Pig is make from the baby pig and has sweet and spicy taste. You can taste the pork are so delicious, but the best is the crispy skin of Suckling Pig.

  • Betutu

Betutu is one of the famous Balinese food. Betutu make from chicken or duck. The process of cooking are 1 hour. Betutu are rich by any ngredients, with spicy taste.

  • Klepon

Klepon is one of the traditional snack from Bali. It’s make from flour, coconut, brown sugar and the suji leaves. Suji leave are make green color for the Klepon snack.

  •  Sate Lilit

Sate/Satay Lilit is make from chicken, pork, fish. The Satay Lilit named from the how to make the ingredients and meal mix and smash until melted and then get the bamboo stick. Grill the satay until well done.

  • Sambel Matah

Sambel matah is the local recipe from Bali. Sambel matah make from onion, chili, and any ingredients. Sambel matah is like salad, but if you’re eat the food especially seafood must be try the sambel matah beacuse sambel matah make different taste for the seafood.


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