Unique art of Bali

Kite are the tradition of Balinese people. Traditional giant kites are colored the sky Padang Galak, Sanur Beach, Bali, in the activities of the Bali Kite Festival. This is an international kite festival, held every year, the month in which the best wind conditions for flying kites.

Kites are flown usually has a width of 4 meters and a length of 10 meters. Shape kites are flown very varied and unique, encompassing forms bebean (fish),janggan (birds or dragon) and pecukan (leaf). The burden has the largest size, janggan looks attractive with a decorative tail that can reach hundreds of meters, while pecukan easiest flown because its shape is stable. The colors contained in this kite is usually red, white and black.

Colorful kites is able to attract many tourists. How, the view at the time of the festival will be a wonderful moment where children and adults compete to fly a kite in the rice field empty.

The kite is flown competitively by teams who came from villages in Denpasar. They will compete, who fly a kite best and longest it will come out as winners. Not infrequently kite broke up and fell near the rice fields so that team members have to pick it up before the kite hits the water.

Bali Kite Festival is not just a competition kite flying. This event contains the value religious because kites are flown to bring applications to the Hindu gods in order to crops and always abundant. During kites flown, visitors will hear sweetly blend of traditional Balinese music.

During the festival will be held fishing competitions creations. Participants are required to create three-dimensional works that depict Hindu gods and can be flown.

Padang Galak is one in Sanur tourist complex that offers a variety of recreational facilities, including a fish pond magnificent national level. Moreover, in Padang Galak also available open stage that is specifically used to accommodate a variety of traditional and contemporary performing arts, also points a game of laser light that backed fountain display.

Padang Galak highly favored those who want to relax by watching a little entertainment on the stage, or just swimming, especially for those who feel allergic to sea water.




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