Balinese Animal Ceremony

Hay Traveler! Hope you have a nice day. Well great day to tell about Bali and their unique culture. Bali Island? Who doesn’t know The Island of thousand temples and the Island of God? Bali Island is one of favorite tourist destination in the world. Bali has the beautiful scenery nature and panorama, the unique tradition and culture. Most tourist come to Bali to spend their holiday in beaches. Well, today I would like to inform to you one of the ceremony held in Bali Island to keep the balance between us and the environment and the other life in this world. Here is it! Continue reading

Bali Art Festival 2017

Hey guys, are you try for finding exciting place in Bali? This is will be a great information for your trip on the next holiday. Art is an easy thing you will find if you go to Bali on your vacation. Bali has many event that you should know to prepare you holiday schedule in Bali. This biggest art event in Bali, will be very spectacular event for you. This event only held once for a year. The event called Pesta Kesenian Bali (PKB) in English will be Bali Art Festival. Continue reading

Ubud Food Festival 2017

Ubud Food Festival is world-class culinary event that showcases Indonesia’s diverse cuisine, innovative chefs and extraordinary local produce. Uniting some of Indonesia’s leading culinary figures leading, international restaurateurs helping to shape the archipelago’s foodie landscape and industry heavyweights, Ubud Food Festival is rich in food mythology, authenticity and of course, taste. Continue reading

Three Sacred Animal in Three Balinese Ancient Village

Bali is the best place for spending your holiday. This Paradise Island has amazing panorama of nature, awesome culture, sensational food and friendly local people. Bali also offers unique village, those are Tenganan, Taro, Petulu. Those called by the unique villages because it be the place of sacred animal. The societies believe that animal as sacred animal and they don’t allowed hurting or slaughtering it. There are 3 villages with their sacred animal; Continue reading

Balinese Bija

The Holy Grain of Rice Which Purifies the Mind

Majority of Balinese people are Hindu, beside of that this island was called by the Thousands of Temple Island. Everyday Balinese people conduct many ceremonies and offer the offering. After they praying, the will get tirta or the holy water and bija. Continue reading

Ngayah Activity

Ngayah – The Sincerity and Selflessly in Balinese Mutual Cooperation

As we know Bali is the best tourist destination in the world which offers interesting culture and unique Balinese daily life. Tradition or culture can’t spread from Balinese people daily life like dance, subak irrigation system and many more. Balinese people have one unique tradition, it called by Ngayah. Continue reading