Whale and Co Bali

Casual and Minimalist Coffee Shop that Support The Local Product

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Are you wandering around Seminyak or Kuta area? Are you looking for a place to relax while updating your blog or reading some books but you want it to be away from the crowdedness of that area? If so, then you should try this coffee shop that near the area but away from it crowdedness. Continue reading


Penglipuran Village

Balinese Traditional Village Which Is Untouchable By The Modern Era

Are you curious and want to see how the Traditional Village in Bali before the influence of the modern era? If you are curious and want to see it in person, you should come to Penglipuran Village where this village is a Traditional Village in Bali that is still traditional and untouched by the modern era. Penglipuran Village has also been named as one of the cleanest village in the World. Continue reading

Taman Ayun Temple

The Mengwi Royal Temple

If you want to see a historical buildings with interesting architecture in Bali, Taman Ayun Temple is one of the beautiful places to visit on your vacation in Bali. Taman Ayun Temple or Mengwi Royal Temple look like drift on the water because it surrounded by the Big fish pond. All visitors who come and visit this temple welcomed by a wide beautiful landscape garden in the front courtyard. Continue reading

Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2017

Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2017

Ubud Village Jazz Festival is an annual Jazz music festival held in Ubud, Bali. Each year various talented Jazz Musicians from various countries perform in this festival. Besides Jazz Music, there also will be various types of foods and drinks in this festival. Ubud Village Jazz Festival is one of the interesting event that are eagerly awaited by the Jazz Music lovers who are in Bali. Continue reading

Subak Irrigation System – World Heritage Site from Bali Island

While spending your holiday in Bali, you will discover many amazing place. You have been visited many tourist destination such us Uluwatu Temple, Besakih Temple, Ubud, etc but have you heard about Subak? This island is famous for its unique system of irrigation. Guided and informed by religious values, it combines impressive feats of engineering with complex and elaborate social structures. Continue reading