Balinese Purifying Ceremony

Towards welcome the new year Caka for Hindus especially in Bali that fall between March and April according BC calender, then there are several series of ceremonies were held, one of that is Melasti procession was carried out 3 or 4 days prior to Nyepi Day, which falls on Tilem , sasih (months) Kesanga. A glimpse of Nyepi, on the day of the execution of the atmosphere of this resort island will be no activity except for medical services in hospitals, and the next day at pinanggal kapertama sasih kedasa is a new year of Hindus which is also called pengrupukan. The attractions in Bali will usually crowded by locals. Continue reading

Best World Travel Destinations

Bali as the world’s best travel destination by TripAdvisor makes many people amazed. The Island of Gods occupies the first rank in the category of this year’s World Travel Destinations. Bali wins the first rank on TripAdvisor prestigious digital awards event. This Paradise Island is able to occupy the top position beating London on the 2nd place and Paris on 3rd place Continue reading

10 Priority Indonesian Tourist Destination

Tourism Minister, Arief Yahya, in a press conference the end of 2015, at the Sapta Pesona Building, Ministry of Tourism. He set a target in the next year foreign tourists visit as many as 12 million people, and as many as 260 million trips domestic tourists. To achieve these targets, a number of strategies have been prepared, one of which is designated 10 tourism destinations will be a priority in next year’s tourist arrivals. Divided into two types, namely the National Tourism Strategic Areas and Special Economic Zone Tourism, following the 10 priority tourism destinations are. Continue reading

Tenganan Gringsing Cloth

The Balinese Traditional Double Ikat Technique and Using Traditional Coloring Method

Tenganan is the place of Bali Aga, the Balinese native people. This place is famous with many amazing cultures such as makare – karean or perang pandan, the sacred buffalo, the unique house architecture, still elements the traditional rules, and gringsing cloth. Gringsing cloth is the original cloth from Bali. Continue reading

Bali Interfood 2017

See Beverages and Food Products and Technicalities All Under One Roof

Bali Interfood 2017 was held in Bali for the third time, on 16-18 March 2017 at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center. The event was also held in conjunction with the Bali Hotel & Tourism-The 3rd International Exhibition on Hotel & Tourism, Bali Wine & Spirits-The International Exhibition on Food, Bali Coffee and Bakery Indonesia Expo. Some interesting agenda was held, as of exhibitions, seminars and competitions in Bali Interfood 2017. Continue reading

Balinese Fruit Export Commodity

The potential for the cultivation of fruit in Bali area is competitive commodities such as Bali’s salak (snake fruit) , mangosteens, orange, grapes, durian and mango, the prospects are increasingly bright now. It is not only the local market requesting the fruit from this island, but overseas markets such as China, Europe, the Middle East and some countries in Asia also began importing fresh fruits from the area of Bali. Continue reading

Tumpek Wariga

Balinese Hindus Dedication for the Vegetation

Bali was dominated by Hindus People, and every ceremony in Bali has unique things and related by philosophy. One of them is Tumpek Wariga, the ritual ceremony dedicated to the vegetations. It’s also known as Tumpek Pengarah or Tumpek Uduh or Tumpek Bubuh. Continue reading

Dokar – Balinese Traditional Transportation

Exploring Denpasar City Tour with Balinese Traditional Transportation

Nowadays, people tend to choose the usage of things that are more practical, fast (no time wasting) and cheap. This is also true for the means of transportation that they use. Streets are now crowded with cars, buses, and motorbikes. The small town is getting crowded from time to time. Most of the citizens use cars and motorbikes as their vehicles. However, if go to the vacation in Bali there some vehicles you can choose to escort you to the destination. However, one of the traditional transportation you can choose during your trip in Bali.  Continue reading